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Album : The Legend of Zelda : A Link Between Worlds Sound Selection
Artiste : Ryo Nagamatsu, Koji Kondo, Akito Nakatsuka, Hajime Wakai


Référence : NTDT-17292~3
Label : Nintendo
Date de sortie : 05 November 2014

CD 1
Invitation To Adventure Legend Of The Kingdom
Title Select Screen
Nightmare Idyllic Hyrule
Cry Of Seres Cave
Annihilation Room Annihilation Room (Strong Enemy Version)
Sanctuary Events In The Sanctuary
Ravio's Theme Ravio's Shop
Kakariko Village Sahasrala's Anxiety
Peaceful Hyrule Castle Encounter With Princess Zelda
Hyrule Main Theme The 3 Dungeons Of Hyrule
Hyrule Boss Boss Clear Fanfare
Indoors Hyrule Race
Last Second Shop Theme Of Mother Maiamai
Maiamai Get Fanfare Milk Bar
Irene's Theme Witch's House
Fortune Teller's Shop Yuga's Theme
Yuga Battle - Eastern Palace Link Becomes A Picture
Hyrule Castle Closed The Zora In Trouble!
Queen Of The Zoras Restored Lost Woods
Lost Woods, Depths Master Sword Fanfare
Hyrule Main Theme 2 Hyrule Castle Battle
Princess Zelda Transformed Into A Picture Land Covered By A Barrier
Yuga Battle - Hyrule Castle Yuga Gloating
Ganon's Appearance Princess Hilda Appears
StreetPass Battle Correct Riddle Solution
Game Over Item Get Fanfare
Small Item Get Fanfare Bard - Hyrule Main Theme
Bard - Select Screen Bard - Zelda's Theme
Bard - Ravio's Theme Bard - Kakariko Village
Bard - Hyrule Castle Bard - Yuga Battle - Hyrule Castle
Bard - Hilda's Theme Bard - Small Item Get Fanfare
Bard - Item Get Fanfare
CD 2
Lorule Main Theme Death Mountain
Octo Stadium Octo Stadium Results
Treacherous Tower Treacherous Tower Results
Treacherous Tower Complete Results Thieves Hideout
Locked In Dungeon - Desert Palace
Dungeon - Swamp Palace Dungeon - Ice Ruins
Dungeon - Turtle Rock Dungeon - Skull Woods
Stealth Maze Dungeon - Dark Palace
Lorule Boss Get Zelda's Amulet
Chamber of the Sages Triforce Completion
Get Triforce Lorule Main Theme Part 2
Lorule Castle History Of Lorule
Ganon Returns Ganon Battle
Ganon Possesses Hilda Ganon Final Battle
Ravio's Return - Hilda's Sorrow Hilda Reformed - Return To Hyrule
Beautiful Lorule Staff Credits
Finale Rupee Count Fanfare
Hard Mode Fanfare Get Item Fanfare (Final Round)
Bard - Lorule Main Theme Bard - Death Mountain
Bard - Lorule Dungeon Main Theme Bard - Lorule Castle
Bard - Ganon Theme Bard - Ballad Of The Goddess

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