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Album : The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Original Sound Track
Artiste : Koji Kondo, Toru Minegishi, Naoto Kubo


Référence : TSCM-0029~30
Label : Tablier Communications inc
Date de sortie : 07 October 2015

CD 1
Title Demo Opening Demo
Chase Theme Cave
Majora's Theme Clock Tower
The Mask Salesman's Theme Clock Town 1st Day
Fairy's Fountain Mayor's House Conference Room
Milk Bar Guru-Guru's Song
Clock Town 2nd Day Inside A House
Kamaro's Dance Shop
Sword Training Hall Heart Container Get
Clock Town 3rd Day The Fox's Quiz
Target Hitting House The Dancing Girls
Mini-Game The End Of The World
Astronomical Observatory Recollection Of Zelda
Ocarina "Song Of Time" Ocarina "Song Of Healing"
Song Of Healing Ocarina Get
Mask Get Ocarina "Inverted Song Of Time"
Ocarina "Repeated Song Of Time" Termina Field
The Owl Battle
Game Over Treasure Chest
Item Get Fanfare Small Item Get Fanfare
Swamp The Magic Hags' Pharmacy
Mysterious Forest Jungle Cruise
Deku Nuts Castle Ocarina "Sonata Of Awakening"
"Sonata Of Awakening" Get Ocarina "Song Of The Great Wings"
Great Wings Warp The Dungeon Appears
Woodfall Temple Mini-Boss Battle
Swamp Clear The Giants' Theme
Ocarina "Order Of Oath" "Order Of Oath" Get
Gorman Track Horse Race
Horse Race Goal
CD 2
Mountain Village Ocarina "Goron Lullaby Intro"
Goron Village Ocarina "Goron Lullaby"
"Goron Lullaby" Get Snowhead Temple
Boss Battle Boss Clear
Snowhead Clear Goron Race
Goron Race Goal Frog Song
Romani Ranch Ocarina "Epona's Song"
Bremen March Ghost Attack
Event Clear Missed Event 1
Cremia's Carriage Missed Event 2
Great Bay Coast Mikau
Marine Research Laboratory Pirates' Fortress
Zora Hall Drums Practice
Bass Practice Piano Practice
Bass & Guitar Session Piano Solo
Ocarina "New Wave Bossa Nova" "New Wave Bossa Nova" Get
Great Bay Temple The Indigo-Go's
Ballad of the Wind Fish Ikana Valley
Ocarina "Song Of Storms" Sharp's Cruse
Music Box House Ikana Castle
Ocarina "Elegy of Emptiness" "Elegy of Emptiness" Get
Stone Tower Temple Stone Tower Temple Upside-down
Calling the Four Giants Tatl & Tael
To the Moon Majora's Mask Battle
Majora's Incarnate Battle Majora's Wrath Battle
Moon Destruction The Giants' Exit
The End/Credits Staff Roll 2

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