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Album : The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Original Soundtrack
Artiste : Manaka Kataoka, Yasuaki Iwata, Hajime Wakai, Takuro Yasuda, Riyu Tamura, Soshi Abe, Koji Kondo, Kenta Nagata, Toru Minegishi, Takeshi Hama, Mahito Yokota


Référence : COCX-40308~12
Date de sortie : 25 April 2018

CD 1
Main Theme Opening
Sheikan Tower: Appearance The Beast Inhabiting the Castle
Sheikah Tower Mysterious Old Man
Shrine of Trials: Start Shrine of Trials
Battle (Shrine): Original Soundtrack Ver. Great Plateau
Guardian's Line of Sight The Temple of Time
The Old Man Identity The Events of 100 Years Ago
The King of Hyrule's Wish Landing on the Ground
Field (Day) Battle (Field): Original Soundtrack ver.
Sheikah Tower: Activated Riding (Day)
Talus Battle Kakariko Village
Impa's Story Ancient Folklore
Hateno Village Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Great Fairy: Revival Great Fairy Fountain
Field (Night) Kass's Theme
Kass: "Ancient Song" Stables
Kass: "Song of Tradition" Riding (Night)
Blessing Shrine Hinox Battle
CD 2
Waterside Don't Step on the Flowers
Meeting Sidon Sidon's Theme
Zora's Domain Divine Beast Vah Ruta
Link's Memory "Mipha" Fight Against the Divine Beast Vah Ruta
Promise to Sidon Exploring Vah Ruta
Battle (Inside the Divine Beast) Ganon Blight Appears
Waterblight Ganon A Heart Container Appears
Reunion with Mipha (Mipha's Theme) The Champions Gift
Dignified Divine Beast Mipha and the Divine Beast
Field (Extreme Cold) Cave
Divine Beast Vah Medoh Rito Village
Link's Memory "Revali" Flight Range
Meeting Teba Flight Range Minigame
Fight Against the Divine Beast Vah Medoh Teba's Encouragement
Exploring Vah Medoh Windblight Ganon
Reunion with Revali (Revali's Theme) Revali and the Divine Beast
Private House Snowball Bowl Minigame
Chirping Brother's Song
Kass' Theme (Brave Verse ver.) Rito Village (Kass and his daughters)
CD 3
Field (Scorching Heat) Lava Area
Humming at the Mine Divine Beast Vah Rudania
Goron City Abandoned North Mine
Meeting Yunobo Link's Memory "Daruk's Mettle"
Fight Against the Divine Beast Vah Rudania Yunobo's Big Change
Exploring Vah Rudania Fireblight Ganon
Reunion with Daruk (Daruk's Theme) Daruk and the Divine Beast
Field (Intense Heat) Divine Beast Vah Naboris
Kara Kara Bazaar Dress Up
Gerudo Town Meeting Riju
Yiga Clan Hideout The Arrogant Master Kohga
Master Kohga Battle Link's Memory "Urbosa's Hand"
Divine Beast Lookout Post Fight Against the Divine Beast Vah Naboris
Entrusted by Riju Exploring Vah Naboris
Thunderblight Ganon Reunion with Urbosa (Urbosa's Theme)
Urbosa and the Divine Beast Race Start
Mini-Game: Sand-Seal Rally Regrettable Race
New Record Sand-Seal Rally Award Ceremony
Mini-Game: Test of Will Molduga's Battle
CD 4
Ruins Lost Woods
Korok Forest Encounter with The Deku Tree
Master Sword Memories: The Master Sword
Master Sword (Encounter With The Deku Tree) Hestu's Dance
Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Naydra Possessed
The Dragons of Hyrule Omen of The Blood Moon
The Blood Moon Resurrecting Memory
Link's Memory "Subdued Ceremony" Link's Memory "Resolve and Grief"
Link's Memory "Blades of The Yiga" Link's Memory "A Premonition"
Link's Memory "The Silent Princess" Link's Memory "Father and Daughter"
Link's Memory "Slumbering Power" Link's Memory "To Mount Lanayru"
Link's Memory "The Return of Calamity Ganon" Link's Memory "Despair"
All Twelve Memories Link's Memory "Zelda's Awakening"
Zelda's Wish Hyrule Castle Town Ruins
Battle (Guardian) Ganon's Roar
Hyrule Castle Calamity Ganon Appears
The Divine Beasts Strike! Calamity Ganon Battle (Phase 1)
Calamity Ganon Battle (Phase 2) Dark Beast Ganon Appears
Dark Beast Ganon Battle Do You Remember?
Staff Roll Epilogue
CD 5
Lurelin Village Kilton
To Tarrey Town Tarrey Town
Wedding in Tarrey Town Wasted Land
Mounted Obstacle Course Malanya's Resurrection
Malanya's Fountain Malanya's Dance
Satoly Mountain Bird-Man Research Study Minigame
Get Fanfare (Item) Get Fanfare (Precious Item)
Get Fanfare (Important Thing) Get Fanfare (Heart - Stamina)
Strengthen Sheikah Slate Get Fanfare (Sheikah Slate)
Killing Time Accommodation (Normal)
Accommodation (Luxury) Food Failure
Cooking Success Successful Cooking
Korok Found Korok Appears
First Time in Location Dyeing
Decolorization Repair
Construction Work Puzzle Solved
Game Over Trial of the Sword
Master Sword ~ Praise of the Deku Tree Kass "Poem of the Swordsman"
Stone Monument Appers Kass "Ballad of the Champions" (Phase 1)
Champions Shrine Mipha and Sidon
Kass "Champion Mipha" Kass "Ballad of the Champions" (Phase 2)
Revali the Solitary Warrior Kass "Champion Revali"
Kass "Ballad of the Champions" (Phase 3) The Duel
Kass "Champion Daruk" Kass "Ballad of the Champions" (Phase 4)
Brillant Urbosa Kass "Champion Urbosa"
Final Trial Monk Maz Koshia
Resurrecting Memories (Ballad of the Champions ver.) The Princess and the Five Champions
Ending of the Ballad of the Champions Decorating the House
Ballad of the Champions 2014 E3 Trailer BGM
Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Trailer BGM (Bonus Track)

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