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Album : The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Original Soundtrack
Artiste : Hajime Wakai, Shiho Fujii, Mahito Yokota, Takeshi Hama, Koji Kondo


Référence : COCX-41640~4
Date de sortie : 22 November 2021

CD 1
Ballad of the Goddess (Main Theme) An Old Story
File Select Islands Floating in the Sky
Prediction 1 Knight Academy
Skyloft Under the Statue of the Goddess
A Moment with Zelda 'Oh no!!'
Bud Appeared Awkward Bud
Tokimeki Bud Cave
Loftwing Discovery Bird Riding Practice
Bird Riding Ceremony Fanfare Bird Riding Ceremony
Victory Goddess Ritual
Blessing of the Goddess A Walk in the Sky
Black Tornado Prediction 2
Whereabouts of Zelda Guidance of Spirits
Fi's Theme Goddess Sword
Get a Tablet Light Pillar Appearance
Determination Departure
Inside the House Shop Mail
Ozora with Loftwing To the First Earth
Land of Seal
CD 2
Battle Prediction 3
Temple of the Seal Faron Woods
Enemy Attack Encounter with the Kikwi Tribe
Chasing Machi Conversation with the Kikwi Tribe
Kikwi Elder Temple Entrance
Temple of Heaven Strong Enemy
Demon Chief Battle with Ghirahim 1
Sanctuary The Words of the Gods
Fi's Story Island of the Goddess Statue
Small Island Terry's Shop
Eldin Volcano Encounter with the Mogma Tribe
Eldin Volcano Underground Tubert's Appearance
Thrill Digger Area Thrill Digger Mini-Game
Temple of the Earth Fierce Battle
Dragon's Head Oiwa Approaching
Scaldera Appears Scaldera Battles with Tentalus
CD 3
Lanayru Desert Lanayru Mining Facility
Ghirahim Attacks Groose Comes Flying
Groose Lands on the Surface Grooseland
Verse from the 'Ballad of the Goddess' Learning the 'Ballad of the Goddess'
The Old Woman's Words The Imprisoned Appears
Battle with the Imprisoned The Sealing Spike Appears
Sealing Successful Groose Mends His Ways
Scrapper Is Revived Harp Performance: 'Ballad of the Goddess'
The Lumpy Pumpkin Kina's Singing
Goddess Statue's Melody: 'Farore's Courage' Learning 'Farore's Courage'
Harp Performance: 'Farore's Courage' Spirit Vessel
Farore's Silent Realm Guardians
The Spirit Vessel Is Filled End of the Silent Realm
Inside the Great Tree Lake Floria
The Water Dragon Is Restored The Dragon's Hall
Ancient Cistern A Horde of Cursed Bokoblins
Koloktos Appears Battle with Moldarach and Koloktos
Battle with Koloktos: Second Half The Goddess Sword Is Enhanced
Goddess Statue's Melody: 'Nayru's Wisdom' Learning 'Nayru's Wisdom'
CD 4
Harp Performance: "Nayru's Wisdom" Nayru's Silent Realm
Lanayru Sand Sea Lanayru Sand Sea: Voyage
The Mine Cart Pirate Stronghold
Outside the Sandship Inside the Sandship
Goddess Statue's Melody: "Din's Power" Learning "Din's Power"
Harp Performance: "Din's Power" Din's Silent Realm
Volcano Summit Fire Sanctuary
The Mogma Elder Talking to the Mogmas
Plats Escapes Activating the Gate of Time
Groose's Decision Temple of Hylia
Reunion with Zelda The Master Sword is Enhanced
Battle with Levias, the Great Spirit of the Skies Battle with Bilocyte, the Ocular Parasite
Flight of the Imprisoned Flooded Woods
Collecting the Tadtones Tadtones: Complete
Verse from the "Song of the Hero": Water Dragon Sneaking around Eldin Volcano
Verse from the "Song of the Hero": Fire Dragon Verse from the "Song of the Hero": Thunder Dragon
Last Verse from the "Song of the Hero" Learning the "Song of the Hero"?
Learning the "Song of the Hero"!
CD 5
Harp Performance: 'Song of the Hero' The Goddess' Silent Realm
Sky Keep Appears Now Then, Into Sky Keep
Sky Keep A Prayer to the Triforce
Return to the Surface Attack of the Hordes
Battle with Ghirahim 2 Battle with Ghirahim 2: Second Half
The Resurrection Ritual Demise Is Resurrected
The Evil One Awakens Confrontation
Demise Demise: Crashes of Thunder
Demise Is Vanquished Parting with Fi
The Arrangement Is Dissolved 'Thank You'
The Sheikah's Duty Origin Story
Staff Credits Epilogue
Bamboo Island Mini-Game: Clean Cut Bamboo-Slicing
Mini-Game: Carrying Pumpkins Delivering the Party Wheel
Mini-Game: Dodoh's High Dive Mini-Game: Bug Heaven
Batreaux's Theme Batreaux Becomes Human
Rest Until Morning Rest Until Night
Fanfare: Got Material Fanfare: Got an Item
Treasure Chest Fanfare: Got a Valuable Item
Fanfare: Got a Heart Container Fanfare: Got a Rupoor
Sound for Solving a Puzzle Save Completed
Game Over Wii Channel Logo

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