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Album : The Legend of Zelda SOUND & DRAMA
Artiste : Koji Kondo


Référence : SRCL-2940~1
Label : Sony Records
Date de sortie : 22 June 1994

CD 1
Overworld Theme of the Guessing-Game House
Sanctuary Dungeon Hyrule Castle
Forest Theme Dark Overworld
The Goddess Appears Kakariko Village
Sound Drama 'Two People - Introductory Chapter'
CD 2
Title Overworld
Underworld Death Mountain
Get Treasure Fanfare Get Triforce Fanfare
Finally, Ganon Appears and is Defeated Fanfare Zelda is Rescued Fanfare
Game Over Ending
Title Opening Demo
Time of the Falling Rain Overworld
Kakariko Village Forest
Master Sword Demo Turned Into A Rabbit!
The Soldiers of Kakariko Village Guessing-Game House
Select Screen Dark World
Dark Mountain Forest Hyrule Castle
Sanctuary Dungeon Cave
Church Boss (BGM)
Boss Clear Fanfare Dark World Dungeon
Fortune-Telling House Princess Zelda's Rescue
Crystal The Goddess Appears
Priest The Priest Transforms into Ganon
Ganon's Message Battle With Ganon
Triforce Chamber Ending

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