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Album : The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask - Original Soundtrack
Artiste : Koji Kondo


Référence : PICA-2006
Label : Pioneer LDC, INC.
Date de sortie : 15 November 2000

CD 1
Title Demo Opening Demo
Theme of Chase Cave
Majora's Theme Clock Tower
Mask House Theme Clock Town : Day 1
Fairy's Fountain Mayor's House Council Room
Milk Bar Guru-Guru's Song
Clock Town : Day 2 House
Kamaro's Dance Shop
Fencing Grounds Get Heart Container
Clock Town : Day 3 Kishie's Quiz
Shooting Gallery Dancer
Mini Game Last End
Astral Observatory Recollection of Zelda
Ocarina « Song Of Time » Ocarina « Song Of Healing »
Song of Healing Demo Get Ocarina
Get Mask Ocarina « Song Of Inversed Time »
Ocarina « Song Of Conversed Time » Termina Field
Fukurowa Battle
Game Over Treasure Box
Catch Item Catch Small Item
Marsh Land Magic Hag's House
Woods of Mystery Jungle Cruise
Deku Nut's Palace Ocarina « Awake Sonata »
Get Awake Sonata Ocarina « Gale Song »
Gale Warp Dungeon Appears
Woodfall Temple Middle Boss Battle
Marsh Land Clear Giant's Theme
Ocarina « Commanding Vow » Get Commanding Vow
Gorman Track Horse Race
Horse Race Goal
CD 2
Snow Mountain Ocarina « Song of Elder »
Goron's Shrine Ocarina « Goron Lullaby »
Get Goron Lullaby Snowhead Temple
Boss Battle Boss Clear
Snowhead Clear Goron Race
Goron Race Goal Song of Frogs
Romani Ranch Ocarina « Epona's Song »
Cucco House Game The Monsters Raid
Event Clear Event Failure 1
Cremia's Wagon Event Failure 2
Great Bay Beach Mikau's Cry
Marine Research Laboratory Pirate Fortress
Zora Hall Drum Practice Music
Bass Practice Music Piano Practice Music
Bass and Guitar Session Evan's Piano Solo
Ocarina « Sea Roar Bossanova » Great Sea Roar Bossanova
Great Bay Temple Zora Band
Ballad of the Windfish Ikana Valley
Ocarina « Song of Storms » Jabu's House
Music Box House Ikana's Ancient Castle
Ocarina « Shin-Sheding Elegy » Get Shin-Shedding Elegy
Rockvale Temple Outside Rockvale Temple Inside
Calling the Four Giants Catch and Trail Meet Again
Majora's Mask Moon Majora's Mask Battle
Majora's Reincarnation Battle Majora's Magic Emperor Battle
The Moon Disappears The Giants Exit
Staff Roll

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