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Album : The Legend of Zelda ~The Wind Waker~ Original Sound Tracks
Artiste : Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, Toru Minegishi, Koji Kondo


Référence : SCDC-00250-251
Label : Scitron Digital Contents Inc.
Date de sortie : 19 March 2003

CD 1
Title Menu Selection
The Legendary Hero Outset Island
Inside a House Grandpa's House
Fencing Instruction Beedle's Shop
A Mysterious Giant Bird Attacks Tetra Discovered
The Forest of Outset Island Bokoblin Migration
Battle Encounter With Tetra
Aryll's Kidnapping Graaandma
My Grandma Departure
Inside the Pirate Ship Forsaken Fortress Invasion 1
Forsaken Fortress Invasion 2 Forsaken Fortress
Imprisonment Reunion With Sister
Rendez-vous With the Ship 1 Rendez-vous With the Ship 2
Rendez-vous With the Ship 3 Windfall Island
Zunari's Store Dawn
Ocean Maritime Battle
The 2nd Maritime Battle Get Treasure Box
Open Treasure Box Get Item
Get Small Item Dragon Roost Island
Dragon Roost Cavern Mini Boss
Game Over Gohma Appears
Gohma Battle First Half Gohma Battle Second Half
Boss Clear Fanfare Get Heart Piece
Get Orb Wind's Requiem (Baton)
Wind's Requiem Get Baton Song
Yacht Game Yacht Game Goal
Yacht Game Failure Song of Passing (Baton)
Song of Passing Forest Haven
Inside Forest Haven The Deku Tree's Crisis
The Deku Tree and the Korogu Forbidden Woods
Kalle Demos Appears Kalle Demos
Ceremony in the Woods Song of the New Year's Ceremony
The Great Sea is Cursed Sacred Shrine
Jabun Tower of the Gods Appears
Tower of the Gods Command Melody (Baton)
Gohdan Appears Gohdan
To Hyrule
CD 2
Sealed Hyrule Castle Get Master Sword
Hyrule Castle Phantom Ganon
Aryll's Rescue 1 Aryll's Rescue 2
Aryll's Rescue 3 Aryll's Rescue 4
Aryll's Rescue 5 The Tower of Forsaken Fortress
Helmaroc King Appears Helmaroc King
Ganondorf on Forsaken Fortress The Miracle Stone Shows One True Nature
Hyrule King Appears Zelda's Awakening
Princess Zelda's Theme Ballad of Gales (Baton)
Ballad of Gales Fairy Spring
The Fairy Queen Dungeon
Earth God's Lyric (Baton) Sage Raruto
Medli's Awakening Earth God's Lyric
Earth Temple Jalhalla Appears
Jalhalla Medli's Prayer
Wind God's Aria (Baton) Sage Fodo
Makar's Awakening Wind God's Aria
Wind Temple Molgera Appears
Molgera Makar's Prayer
Hero of the Wind Ganon's Castle
Gohma First Half (2nd Time) Gohma Second Half (2nd Time)
Kalle Demos (2nd Time) Jalhalla (2nd Time)
Molgera (2nd Time) Illusionary Room
Puppet Ganon First Half Puppet Ganon (Puppet Mode)
Puppet Ganon (Transformation) Puppet Ganon (Spider Mode)
Puppet Ganon (Snake Mode) Puppet Ganon Second Half
Ganondorf Battle First Half Ganondorf Battle
Farewell Hyrule King Ending
Staff Credits Epilogue
Aryll's Theme Game Demo

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