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After appearing being taken away by a girl in red walk right & talk to her (she is dancing) she will introduce herself as Din. Now talk to everyone else in the Performance Troupe, once that's done talk to Din again.

After enjoying a dance with Link she will notice the Triangle mark on his left hand. Suddenly the campsite goes dark and lighting begins to strike rapidly destroying most of the camp. A voice resounds introducing itself as Onox and proclaiming that Din is the Oracle of Seasons, to which suddenly a tornado appears and Din is swept away in it while Link is tossed violently away by it. Onox then proceeds to trap Din the Oracle of Seasons into a crystal sealing her powers, he also sinks the Temple of Seasons into the underworld thus further weakening the power of nature.

Once Link wakes up Impa will be by his side, after explaining the whole situation to Link she will tell him to give her message to the Maku Tree.

So now head down into Holon Village. Holon Village contains most of the people of Holodrum in it, at the moment the only places that will be of interest to you are: The Know-It-All Bird's Hut in the top left corner of the village where you can learn about the basics of this game and Vasu Jewelers in the lower right of the village where you can get the L-1 Ring Box and the Friendship Ring.

Anyway once your finished exit the village via the western exit. Now jump down off the cliff from the gap below then head left, down around the wall & to the right then enter the doorway with the roots on either side of it, this leads to the Hero's Cave.

Avoid the Keese and head right, move the block to open the doors then head up.

Move the block up out of the way and follow the path to the next set of blocks. Move the left block down and the right block right, then follow the path.

Stand on the button in the far right then collect the Small Key from the chest, then exit this room. Head back left, follow the path to the blocks. Move the left one up and the right one right then follow the path to the next block and move it out of the way, the head down. Move the block again to open the doors then head down, now use the key to go through the door on the right. Now step on the switch then go around the pit and up to the next room, then open the chest to get the Wooden Sword.

In the far eastern part of the village is a large wooden door, break it down with your Sword to get to the Maku Tree.

Hit the snot bubble coming from the Maku Tree's nose to wake it up.

After telling him about Din, he tells you that he fells a dark presence in the Northern Peaks where the Temple of Seasons once rested. He tells you to collect the Essences of Nature to break the dark seal that Onox has cast on the Northern Peaks. He will now give you the Gnarled Key.

Now go to the Shop and buy a Wooden Shield for 30 Rupees. Walk out through the northern exit of Horon Village to where Impa is. Then head up, right and hit the bushes then head up more, hit the bushes to go left over the bridge then use the Gnarled Key on the lock to make the Gnarled Root Dungeon rise !

Now enter it !


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