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After exiting the Gnarled Root Dungeon a witch named Maple will fly around and bump into Link causing some of your supplies and her hopefully some of her supplies to fly everywhere, so quickly collect as much as you can, especially anything she drops. She will randomly pop up every now and then. Now go south to Horon Village.

You can go to the shop to buy a special thing if you would like. If you do it, it will change the adventure for later.

Head to the far south-east where there are two saplings, Sokra the prophet will awaken and will tell you that the four spirits of the seasons are calling you. After he goes back asleep, use the Ember Seeds to burn down the saplings and continue on to the Woods of Winter.

Head up twice the go right and you will see Rosa who is from the mysterious race of Subrosians, she wants to get to get back to the Subrosia Village because a "temple" has fallen into her world nearby. But she cannot let anyone follow her, so you will have to follow her while keeping out of sight (Watch out she goes off screen for a second to trick you on the third screen). Anyhow follow her through all three screens to the bushes then hack them down to uncover a vortex to Subrosia where the mysterious race of Subrosians live.

Now go down the stairs on the left, then go left, down and down the stairs. This is the "Subrosian Dance Hall" talk to the Red Subrosian and tell him you will dance with them. Now this mini-game is basically just simon says, look at the Red Subrosian he will do a sequence of three moves comprising of left "dah", right "doo" & pose "dee" (Press A). After he does his three moves, execute the sequence to the rhythm. After you do well enough he will award you with the Boomerang.

If you would like, you can continue to dance, you can win some ore chunks and a special thing if you don't have any one already.

Now head back up near the vortex and this time go down the stairs on the right to the Subrosia Village. Head east from the Village to get to The Temple of Seasons head up and the spirits of the Four Seasons will tell you how they have waited for you (and subtley fight over which season is better), keep heading up to enter the temple. Walk through the water up on the podium and you will be given the "Rod of Seasons".

Head out of the temple but walk south-east to the bluish Tower of Winter, once inside hit the switch with your Boomerang and go across the lava pit then follow the stairs up to the Winter Spirit and she will bless The Rod of Seasons with the wintry chill of the Power of Winter. Exit the tower now & go to the vortex to get back to the overworld.

Once you walk to the right, Sokra will hop down and tell you to use the Rod while standing on the Tree Stump. So do it and it will become Winter. Now head roughly east until you get to an ice shaft with a Heart Piece then head north until you get to a house in a Summer Area then go left, jump on the tree stump & change the season to Winter. Go up the stairs on the right over the snow build up and fall down the chimney. This is Holly's House and she is snowed in, so talk to her and she'll give you the Shovel to clear the snow from the front of her house.

Now exit & move the snow out of the way, go south now until you get to the Heart Piece again then go left and change the season to Winter again. Now go left, up and move the snow out of the way to go right. Hit the tree by the owl statue to get Mystery Seeds, Mystery Seeds brings things to life. So anyway go up, left & into the Snake's Remains.

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