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Head left by picking the rock up that's in your way, head up & change the season to Winter & then make your way to Horon Village. From the Horon Village head up until you get to the place one screen left of were you met Din. Move the rocks out of the way, Now please NOTE: If you want Dimitri or Moosh make sure you have their respective Flutes before you walk up to the next section, as this is the time when the game permanently allocates which Animal Friend you will get. So if you want Dimitri get the Strange Flute from the Subrosian Dancing Game before heading up or if you want Moosh buy the Strange Flute from the Horon Village Store before heading up. Anyway, head up until you get to another tree bearing strange seeds, so hit it to acquire the Scent Seeds. Scent Seeds are basically like the bait in the original Zelda

Head right and down then enter the Blaino Gym. Inside is Blaino talk to him to fight him in a Boxing match (It costs 10 Rupees). The first person to step out of the ring loses. Anyway just punch him when his guard is up so he goes out of the ring, once he steps over the line he loses and you will be awarded Ricky's Gloves.

Now exit the Gym and go up, left, down, left, up & then left. Go left then up & talk to the Kangaroo.

Since you have his gloves he will let you ride in his pouch and if you didn't acquire the Strange Flute he'll give you his Flute so you can call him any time, his name is Ricky. Head south over the holes until you can't any more then go left, up, up & over the ledge & then up. If he didn't give you the Ricky Flute he will leave you now. Head up then left to another tree bearing seeds.

Hit the tree to obtain the Pegasus Seeds, Pegasus Seeds let you run fast like the Pegasus Boots did in Link's Awakening. Now go down, left, up, up, right and enter the Floodgate Keeper's House, he has lost his key to work the Floodgates. Hit the switch inside to drain the water from his pond, this uncovers the Floodgate Key so collect it.

Exit the house then go down the stairs on the right in the drained pond. In this cave use the Pegasus Seeds, stand on the switch then quickly run over the bridge before it dismantles. Move the rock closest to Link up, then move the one next to it down, pick up the stone ahead then move the bottom rock left and the middle rock up & now you can go down the stairs. Head left pick up the rocks and walk over the shallow water and then head right, lift the rocks the go up the stairs. Now head up and exit via the stairs.

Now go down all the way then right and use the Floodgate Key on the lock, this drains the water of the Spool Swamp. Now head left up and right, there is Sokra he tells you need another Power of the Seasons. Anyway jump down off the ledge into the shallow water then go down three times. Now the walkthrough splits in three ways:

If you have Ricky's Flute

Go left then call Ricky and use him to jump up on the ledge, then go around and down. Now use Ricky's Hurricane Punch to remove the bushes then continue down over the holes, go up the right path, move the rock and enter the vortex.

If you acquired the Strange Flute via the Subrosia Dancing Game

Go right then up, you will find Dimitri being attacked by the Great Moblin's Henchmen. Talk to the green one and give him 50 Rupees then 30 Rupees and they will bugger off. Now talk to Dimitri and your Strange Flute will become Dimitri's Flute. With him head down twice and then you will dismount off him because he want's you to try and pick him up. But anyway head left via the lower path, left, go up the right path, move the rock and enter the vortex.

If you bought the Strange Flute from the Horon Village Shop

Go left then up and you will find Moosh being attacked by Pig Warriors because they fed him their Spring Bananas and he still wouldn't move, when they see you they scurry. So go up and talk to him, but.. the Pig Warriors suddenly come back so kill them all and then talk to Moosh again. Now your Strange Flute will become Moosh's Flute, use it to call him whenever you want. Head down, right, fly over the gap and head down, Fly over the next gap and head down, right, left via the lower path, left, go up the right path, move the rock and enter the vortex.

Go left, down and start digging in the beach using your Shovel dig everywhere until you find the Star-Shaped Ore.

Once you find it head roughly north to the Subrosia Market, walk up to the Ribbon and select it to swap it for the Iron Star. Now head down to the beach again but this time head right, then down and talk to Rosa, you will give her Ribbon back and in return she will open the locked doors in Subrosia. From the beach head north past the Market, she will open up the locked doors in the passage so you can get to the northern part of Subrosia. Now head east to The Temple of Seasons. Get her to open the north-west Summer Tower.

Move the rocks out of the way and climb up to get the Rod of Seasons charged with the warm Power of Summer which has the warmth of a summers day by the Summer Spirit. Now head back to the Overworld via either one of the vortexs. Head to the Tree Stump in north Spool Swamp, use the Rod of Seasons on it to change the season to Summer then head up and climb the vines to get into the Poison Moth's Lair.


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