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Go to the screen in North Horon where you met Din, then head down from here & jump over the gap to get into the water/ice and head down.

Go right & then go into the vortex to Subrosia.

Head roughly south and then when you get to the volcano follow the lava flow all the way to the Bomb Flower and use the Power Bracelet to uproot it.

Backtrack to the screen just above the volcano then go left, left, up, pick up the stone, use a combination of the Pegasus Seeds and Roc's Feather to jump the gap and then go left & then up.

Head west to get to The Temple of Seasons. Now head to the Autumn Tower in the North East and talk to the Furnace Chief (He is wearing a headband), he will use the Flower Bomb to open up the entrance to the Autumn Tower. So now go up there and get the final Power of the Seasons for the Rod of Seasons.

Now backtrack to the vortex you came from and jump on it to go back to the Overworld.

Now head up and when you get to a stump change the Season to Autumn. Now to get to the Unicorn's Cave head up, right, and pick the Mushrooms up out of the way.

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