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Firstly go to the Subrosia Market and buy the blue card for 5 Ore Chunks. This is the Member's Card to the Horon Village Shop. Then go to the basement of the Horon Village Shop and buy the Treasure Map for 200 Rupees.

Now look at your map, there are now sparkles. These sparkles show you there is treasure in that square on the map. The four treasure are acquired by :

Note :

The Locations of the Round Jewel and sometimes the Pyramid Jewel change in a Linked Game. See the Linked Game Changes sections for their new locations.

Round Jewel

Swim to the sparkle on the map in Holodrum Prairie then enter the hole in the tree and talk to the Wise Old Man to get the Round Jewel.

Pyramid Jewel

In the same screen the entrance to the Dancing Dragon Dungeon, dive in the far top-right corner. Then swim along the tunnel to collect the Pyramid Jewel.

Square Jewel

Using the tree stump in Spool Swamp change the season to Winter then head roughly south to the sparkle directly below you on the Map (You may have to use a combination of Pegasus Seeds and the Roc's Feather to cross some gaps). Then move the snow out of the way using the Shovel and Bomb the rocks to open up a cave.

Enter it and open the chest to get the Square Jewel.

X-Shaped Jewel

In Western Coast there is a torch, light it using the Slingshot equipped with Ember Seeds and then cross the bridge. Then use Mystery Seeds on the Question Mark Rock Formation and it will turn into a Moldorm. Quickly kill it then open the chest to find the X-Shaped Jewel.

Once you have all four, use a Gale Seed to travel to the Pegasus Seed Tree in Spool Swamp. Then go right and up to get to the Tarm Ruins and insert all the jewels in the holes to open the gate.

Then head up and change the season to Summer. Now climb the vines up, go left and then climb down the vines & move the Armos Knight Statue to the left so some steps appear. Now climb the vine up, go right, climb down the vine and change the season to Winter. Go left and climb up the steps and to the next screen. Move the two lowest Armos Knight statues to the right and then change the season to Autumn. Now go right and move the Mushrooms out of the way to go down the stairs. Use your shield to deflect the seeds back at the Deku Scrub to stun it then talk to it, it will tell you the directions to the Tarm Ruins.

Now go back up the stairs, move the Mushroom out of the way and then go left, up & move the Mushroom's out of the way. Go left, down and left to get to the Lost Woods.

You can get the Noble Sword here, see the Swap Chain info in the Side-Quest section for instructions on how to get it. Anyway, change the season to Winter then head left, change the season to Autumn then head down, change the season to Spring & then right and then finally change the season to Summer and head up to get through the Lost Woods.

Now go up, up, right & change the season to Winter. Then go down, right, move the snow out of the way with the Shovel & then head up, up, left and move the lower Armos Knight to the right, jump down and change the season to Spring. Now use the flower to bounce up and then head left over the bridge.

Suddenly a man with a Cane will appear and laugh maniacally a lot O_o. After he is gone enter the Ancient Ruins.

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