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Warp to Horon Village and then head out the east exit of town. Go down through the hollow log to get to Eastern Coast. Head right until you get to a Skeleton Pirate, talk to him. Now head to a vortex that takes you to Subrosia, the one on Mt. Cucco is the closest unless you have retracted the bridge inside the cave in Horon Village.

Enter the Pirate Skeleton House in the south west. Talk to the Ship's Captain, he has lost his Pirate Bell which he needs to get his Ship back afloat. So go up the stairs and talk to the Pirate Skeleton on the right, he will show you a sequence using the cupboards. If the cupboards are labelled 1 to 4 from the left to the right the sequence would be written as : 33211444. Now head up the stairs and enter the vortex to head back to the overworld.

Hit the switch to retract the bridge if you already haven't, this vortex can be easily gotten to via the stairs in south Horon Village. Exit the cave and then head to the Skeleton Pirate on Eastern Coast, talk to him then enter the sequence using the four skulls that the Skeleton Pirate showed you using the four cupboards. Now you can head up onto Samasa Desert.

Find the buried Pirate Ship and enter it, then talk to the Red Skeleton Pirate inside. Exit the Ship and then head to the NE where there is a Oasis, pick up the Red Skull there.

Carry it around all of the sand whirlpools in the desert until it's teeth start chattering this means you should drop down the nearest sand whirlpool with it. Collect the Rusty Bell that is down the sand whirlpool and then resurface via the stairs and then out the entrance to the cave.

Now go into the buried Pirate Ship again and move the brown crate up out of the way and then go up the stairs. Once in Subrosia head to the Subrosian Smithy and talk to him, and he will restore the Rusty Bell into the Pirate Bell.

Now take it to the Ship's Captain and talk to him and he will take Link in his Ship to the other Side of Western Coast. Depart from the ship then head up and enter the house. Open the chest for some Bombs and then throw a bomb over the hole at the crack in the wall. Then go right and exit via the doorway below. Change the season to Summer then go back into the house and out the other exit. Now go down, down, left, left, up via the vine, up & then go down the stairs to enter the Explorer's Crypt.


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