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Use a Gale Seeds and warp link to the Scent Seeds Tree in North of Horon Village. From it go down, left, up, left, up, up and then go left through the hollow log.

Now while avoiding the Knights go up, jump over the pit using the Roc's Cape and head right, up, right & change the season to Autumn. Now head left twice & then up. Using Pegasus Seeds quickly run over the leaves as they will only hold you for so long and then head up, down via the path on the right, down & change the season to winter. Then head up, right, jump over the gap to the snow build up, then head down and enter the vortex.

Head up the stairs and enter the cave. There is a Subrosian throwing good items into the lava pool, so join him and throw a Bomb in it. This will cause all the Volcanoes in the underworld to erupt, sending fire into the Temple Remains above. This clears the trees in your way while creating many streams of lava. Now exit the cave and hop on the vortex to go back to the Overworld.

Head up, jump over the lava and go right, down and change the season to Summer. Then go right, up via the vines, jump across the lava to go left and then jump over the lava and go up through the door.

Use the North Polarity up between the rocks at the Magnetic Pole to cross the gap, then go far right and use the North Polarity on the Magnetic Pole below to cross the gap again & then head up the stairs. Move the far right rock down, then the upper rock on the far left to the left then the rock below down. And then head left and move the bottom rock up and then the top rock right and then head up the stairs.

Head left and then go down the stairs. Head left via the top path and then go up the stairs. Go left, left, up into the temple & then jump in the vortex to take you to Subrosia again. Now head all the way up and enter the Volcano to get to the Sword & Shield Maze.


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