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The Triforce's quest sends Link to the strange land of Holodrum. His journey begins after he meets the travelling troupe of actors. Soon Din, Oracle of Seasons is taken by the General Of Darkness, Onox. So Link must embark on a new adventure to save Din and nature itself. His power may be enough to save Nature itself.


Disguised as a dancer, the strong-willed Oracle of Seasons quietly assures peace in Holodrum, but an hour of evil draws near...


Maple is the apprentice witch of her grandmother. She often sneaks away from training and flies around on the magic broom she recently learned to ride. Occasionally, she unexpectedly flies down and crashes into Link. Curse as she knocks away your hard-earned hearts and rupees, but rejoice as you "borrow" her Rings and Magic Potions ;) Perhaps one day she'll trade in her broom for something a little more hi-tech.

Bipin & Blossom

Bipin is a famed tree planter who grows Gasha Seeds, and freely offers information about them to curious travellers. Blossom is his wife. Together they have a young child who is full of promise. What kind of man will this child grow up to be ? This lovely couple inhabits houses in both Labrynna and Holodrum. They have a newborn baby, which, for some strange reason, you can name for them. Talk about lazy parenting :) If you help them raise their child, they'll give you tips on Gasha gardening.


The Royal Princess of Hyrule is a symbol of the people's hope. Her vivid dreams allow her to predict when something evil is about to happen in the world. Her crest of wisdom and symbol of hope free the world from despair.


As royal nurse, Impa has cared for Hyrule's Princess Zelda since her birth. Zelda has ordered Impa to lead the Oracle of Seasons to Hyrule, and she meets Link on the way. (Note: As D3ADRAV3N has pointed out, they colored in Impa's... "chest." That's censorship for ya.)


Farore is the third Oracle who links Holodrum, the world of the sorceress Din, with Labrynna, the world of the sorceress Nayru. Unlike the other two goddesses, she's stuck with desk work in both worlds, residing inside the Maku Trees. The Oracle of Secrets, she will help your Secrets come to life.


The General of Darkness is behind the chaos caused by the disruption of Holodrum's seasons. Onox has great power and uses his mighty flail to crush all who oppose him. He has cast a barrier of shadow around his castle and plans to gather the powers of destruction from the dying lands of Holodrum.


Ricky is a Boxing Kangaroo that you find in Holodrum Plain. Link can hop in his pouch and he will carry Link around. You can jump over holes one square wide & jump up on to ledges with Ricky. Ricky attacks with swift punches by the A Button, hold the A button and release when charged to use his Hurricane Punch.


Ingo's lives in the Sunken City. His favorite pastime is to collect vases. Beware do not touch any of the vases in his house.

Mayor Ruul

The mayor of a Horon Village. He is completely crazy about Gasha Fruit & the treasures which you get from them.

Grandfather & Mittens

Grandfather's cat Mittens will not come down from the top of the tree in North Horon Village. How will he get her down ?

Tick Tock

The Clock Maker of Horon Village. He has been searching for a Wooden Bird for some time now, but no one has ever seen it.

Subrosian Race

Subrosians are the strange dwellers of a hidden world Link visits during his quest. They are a mysterious people who always wrap themselves in robes. Many suprises await Link in Subrosia.

Syrup the Witch

She is Maple's magic teacher and grandmother. This resourceful witch sells a variety of rare (and expensive!) items, including Gasha Seeds and the always useful Magic Medicine. Her inventory may increase under certain conditions...

The Great Moblin

Commanding Forts in both Holodrum and Labrynna, this Moblin's work is never done. Bombs are his specialty, as well as his downfall?

Skull Pirates

They sail the seas (well, maybe they don't...) in both Labrynna and Holodrum. They're very willing to help you on your journey.


Dimitri is a Dodongo that you find in either Spool Swamp or in the Sunken City. He can carry Link through water or up water falls while Link is riding on his back. Dimitri attacks with a bite when you press the A Button. You can also carry him around using the Power Bracelet.

Malon & Talon

These two raise the Cucco's in Holodrum. Also the LonLon Eggs which the Cucco lay are good for cosmetics, and are popular with young ladies.

Mrs. Ruul

The arrogant wife of the Mayor Ruul.

Professor. Left

The only professor of Holodrum, he loves books. With the knowledge acquired from the books he reads, he can tell Link various things about the Animals, Plants & Monsters of Holodrum. All he needs is some light....

Mr. Guru Guru

Mr. Guru Guru manages the Windmill on a cliff. "Go around, go around! If I could just oil it, it would go around more quickly..." he says.


The prophet of Horon Village. He strangely seems to know quite a lot about the Temple of Seasons and Subrosia. When he is not singing while playing his lute his is always sleeping...

Goron Race

They used to live in peace on Goron Mountain, but because of the disorder in the seasons, their peaceful lives are threatened. The Gorons all took shelter in a cave to escape the bitter cold and now wait for Springs return-patiently.


The demon which serves Onox and Veran. Link must challenge it with various strategy.

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