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Head up past the eye blocks. Move the top right block to open the doors then go right. Kill all the Stalfos then collect the Small key then go left two screens using a Small Key in the process. Kill all the Stalfos then collect the Dungeon Map from the Chest, then go up.

Kill the Zol (Blobs) then jump on the mine cart which takes you. Kill the Moblins then move the middle block to open the door so you can go left. To get through this maze walk left till you hit the block, now push the block below down, the block on your left to the left, walk up, left, down and move the block below down, then the block on your left to the left, now head up and collect the Gasha Seed from the Chest then jump down and exit the room.

Head up the steps on the right then go right. Hit the switch then collect the Compass from the chest on your right.

Now go back left & down the steps and jump in the mine cart.

Now go left and collect the Bombs from the chest. Go back right, up the steps then go down the steps on the right and follow the path to a switch, step on it to reveal a chest with a Small Key. Head back and go up the steps now go left and Bomb the weak section of wall. Then head up.

Make your way up through the maze hiding in the alcove to prevent getting hit by the spikes. Then head up using a Small Key to unlock the door.

This has the Mini-Boss(es) they are the Twin-Minotaurs's. Do not stand between them or they will throw their Boomerang between each other, hurting you on the way. So stay offside and slash one 8 times and they will both disappear. Once you defeat them go left.

Move the far left block up then go down the stairs. Collect the Seed Satchel with some Ember Seeds, use Ember Seeds to light Torches.

Now go back up the stairs, move the block below the far left one down then go right & jump on the warp. Use the Ember Seeds on the torches on the left to open the door. Then go through it. Now kill all the Moblins then open the chest to get a Boss Key.

Then go right, down, right, push the top right block, then go right, light the torches then go up. Avoid the Wall Masters and open the chest in the room to get a Magic Ring. Go right via the top path and use the Boss Key on the Boss Door to get Aquamentus.

Now you will fight Aquamentus the Unicorn Dragon. Keep on slashing it's horn while avoiding his attacks. After 10 slashes it will die. Try standing up out of the way near the blocks in the top right corner of the screen where you can slash him but he can't hurt you. Once you kill him collect the Heart Container then head right to collect the Fertile Soil.

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