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Use Ember Seeds on the two torches to open up the doors then go left. Open the chest in this room to get 5 Rupees then go up. In this room kill all the Ropes (Snakes), collect the Small Key then go back down, right, up and then right. Kill the Ropes that fall down then move the middle right block right to uncover a chest with the Compass inside.

Head left then up. Kill the Moblins and Ropes to open the door, then Bomb the left wall where the arrow of blocks is pointing to uncover a room full of Rupees. Then exit this room and use a key on the door above to go up. Hit the both of the Bumper Beetles into the pit to open the door then head left. Throw bombs over the pit at the Pig Warriors to kill them. You can refill on Bombs by slashing the Item Bushes. Once all killed, open the chest that appears to get the Power Bracelet. With it you can lift rocks/pots and do other actions using strength, now exit right.

Lift all the pots to get to the chest then open it to get the Dungeon Map.

Go down then right. In this room kill all enemies then move the block in the far right to the right to open the door to go right. Quickly run past the giant spikes to the chest to get a Small Key then head down through the exit on the right. To Push the rollers out of the away, equip the Power Bracelet and hold the button while your pushing it. Do that to the rollers to get to the stairs in the bottom right corner of the room, you'll appear in the overworld so collect the Gasha Seed then head left and down the stairs and you will appear. In this room there is a Deku Scrub on the right that you can buy 10 Bombs off him for 30 Rupees. Head up. You need to get to the chest really quick or it will disappear. Run diagonally up-right and Bomb the Cracked Block above to destroy it, then run diagonally up-left and Bomb the Cracked Block above, now run to the left and Bomb the Cracked Block, walk right then down and Bomb the Cracked Block below, now Bomb the Cracked Block just below the last Cracked Blocks you destroyed, head right and Bomb the Cracked Block on you right. Now quickly head to the chest and open it for a Small Key. Backtrack all the way to the room with spikes. Head right.

Bomb the weak blocks & then go down the stairs on your right to a basement. To get past the spikes walk up to the ledge so the Thwomp pounds then run on top of it & then over to the other side of the pit, to pass the Thwimps just go down the ladder then quickly run across past them & now go up the ladders. Move the roller to your right out of the way, collect the 10 Rupees from the chest then go right. Get the rollers out of the way without standing on the weak floors for too long. Lift the pots out of the way then use a Small Key to get past the locked door to go down. This room has the mini-boss Facade from Link's Awakening. Keep throwing Bombs at him, after 5 he will be defeated. If you run out of Bombs wait for him to make Bugs fall down and slash them, one will usually drop some Bombs. Once he's dead head right twice. Use a Small Key on the locked block, head right & then down. Make your way across the moving platforms anti-clockwise around the room over to the right side, then go up. Get the Boss Key from the chest then Jump down and go left twice.

Move a pot out of the way and bomb the weak wall below to go down. To kill the Pols Voice (Rabbits) throw bombs into their cages, once they are dead the door will open and you can go right, jump in the round-about and go down. Walk over the moving platforms, move the pots out of the way & then use the Boss Key on the Boss Door to head right. You get to fight yet another boss from the first Zelda, Dodongo. To kill him when he breathes in ready to do a Fire Blast throw a Bomb in his mouth, then pick him up using the Power Bracelet and throw him into the spikes. Do it four times to kill him. After he's dead collect the Heart Container.

and head down to collect the Gift of Time.

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