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Go up.Use your shield to flip the Spiny Beetles then slash their underbelly's to kill them, once they are all dead the top door will open and you may proceed up. Now head right until you get to a room with Wall Masters. Kill all of the Wall Masters then push a pot from the far right corner of the room over on top of the switch to open the door, then proceed down. Head left then down. Use your Power Bracelet to move the rollers to get to the chest with the Small Key then exit the room, go right and up the stairs.

Ignore the Pols Voice and move the far right block up then head up. Kill the Moldorms and a chest will appear with Bombs inside, use them to Bomb the wall above with the pattern. Head up. Get the Dungeon Map from the chest, then exit the room and head down.

Move the block next to the one you moved before down, move the third block from the bottom to the left the second block from the bottom down to go left.

This room has a puzzle in which you must push a group of statues around in the bottom of the room around so they much the statues in the top of the room. To solve it follow these 3 steps:

  1. Move the two far right Red Statues and the two far left Grey Statues down, the statues should look like this now :

               _     _
         _  _|R|_|G|_

  2. Move the far left Red Statue right, move the Red Statue which is now below one you just moved right, they should now look like this :

                   _  _
         _  _    |R|G|_
        |G|G|    |R|R|

  3. Now move the far left Red Statue down. And then move the far right Grey Statue left two spaces then down, the statues now should look like this :

         _  _  _  _ _  _

Now head left through the newly opened door, then two screens left and one screen up. Drop down and collect the 30 Rupees from the chest then go up the stairs and use the Small Key on the locked door to head up. Kill all the Mimics the open the chest to get Roc's Feather. Exit the room.

Jump on the moving platform then down the hole near the far left wall. Head down the stairs above. Jump across a the really high blocks to the next screen. Then jump down to the platform below, jump to the right and climb the ladder, jump to the platform on your left, and climb the ladders across through the small gap and then head up the ladder and out of the basement. Jump on the blue trampoline, open the chest for the Compass then drop back down.

Move the trampoline down to the other purple square in the bottom-right corner then jump on it to get to the other side of the higher level. Go right.Use a combination of the Power Bracelet to move the rollers and Roc's Feather to jump the spikes to go right to the next room.Go down the stairs. Move the trampoline left, down & then over to the brown square. Jump on it to get to a small room with a chest containing a Small Key, then drop back down and go down the stairs to another basement. Make your way across to the other side of the basement using Roc's Feather to cross the platforms then go up the ladder.

Jump onto the moving platform then to the other side when it gets close to it. Then go right, down, left. Jump the button to prevent the bridge from falling. Before going through the locked door, go up the steps and head around the path (jump over the Trap) to the chest with a Gasha Seed, then use a Small Key on the locked door and head left.

Now you will fight the mini-bosses which are Calamareye. To kill them when you see the telltale whirlpool run to one and once a Calamareye emerges pick it up using the Power Bracelet then throw it in the corner and slash it a lot. Four slashes each and they are all dead. Once they are dead head go up the stairs that have appeared in the bottom right corner. Head left to screens then flip over the gap (you will jump automatically jump over it when you hold up). Then go and fall down the big hole. Now in this room quickly run anti-clockwise to avoid the big-spike, push the fourth block down on the right side into the abyss then jump across and collect the Boss Key.

Now move blocks out of the way to exit right, go down & jump on the warp. Go up the stairs. Walk left till you see a ledge then flip over it and go right, open up the Boss Door and head up. Now you will fight the boss Mothula. Simply stand on one of the middle two islands, avoid his attacks and then when he lands slash it with your sword. When it does the "Moths" attack before it starts to fly again since your slashing him you will automatically kill them and collect the hearts. After 12 slashes with your Wooden Sword it will be defeated. After it is dead collect the Heart Container, go down the stairs and go up to collect the Bright Sun.

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