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Head up. Kill all the Skull Knights in the room, then move the second block from the right down to get to the Chest (which has some Bombs inside), now jump into the mine cart. Kill any Keese or Skull Knights that get in your way and Bomb the crack in the right wall. And then head through the hole. This room is a puzzle. Just pick up the middle-top and the middle-bottom pots then you should have no trouble moving the 7 pots that are left on the buttons. Once you've done that get Link to stand on the last button so a Small Key falls down, collect it then head left and jump on the mine cart, make sure you hit the switch with your sword to change the tracks so the mine cart head left.

Move the blue statue on the button in the top-left corner of the room & then head up. To get to the stairs move the far right block up, the 3rd block from the left up & then the 2nd block from the left to the right, then head down the stairs. Make your way through the maze (avoiding the Wizrobes) and go down one room then right to get to the Chest with the Dungeon Map.

Then go back to the left and go down the stairs in the bottom-left corner of the room. This basement is slightly tricky, the first screen is pretty simple just jump across the platforms and avoid falling or link will become a shish kebab. But the second screen is hard, the only way to get over the dissolving blocks is to hold right and jump like crazy when the block right on the edge of the ledge materialises. Anyway, once you do it head up the ladder. Light the torch to be able to follow the path. Just make your way over to the chest with the Small Key inside then head back and go down the stairs. Now backtrack all the way to the first room of the dungeon.

Then use a Small Key to go through the door on the right. Bomb the right wall and go right again. Kill all the Stalfos and Keese in the room then move the block on the right side of the room to uncover a chest. The chest has the Compass inside.

Exit this room and then head up. Submerge under the spiked rollers to be able to head up to the next room unharmed. Avoid the enemies and jump across the platforms to get to the mine cart, jump in it and hit the switch only once. Then jump back on it. Kill all the enemies and a Small Key will, fall into the water so dive where it landed to collect it. Jump in the mine cart.

Kill the Stalfos and then use a key to dissolve the lock so you can go right. Kill all the Skull Knights in the next room and some steps will appear. Go up them then use a Pegasus Seeds so you can gain enough speed to jump all the gaps to your left with the Roc's Feather, then go down the stairs. Head down the steps and move the bottom block down so you can get to the mine cart, jump in it. Open the chest in the top-left corner of the room to get a Small Key, also the Deku Scrub in this room is selling 10 Ember Seeds for 20 Rupees. Anyway, head down to the room. Jump over the spikes to head down again. This room has the mini-boss Agahnim.

Agahnim is slightly different then his forms in previous games cause you cannot deflect back his balls of power with your sword. You have to keep both of the torches burning with Ember Seeds, then just slash with your sword at the Agahnim that has a shadow. After seven hits he'll be dead.

Once he is dead go down. Jump in the mine cart, it will take you to E-4 Go down and then use a Small Key to go left through the locked door. Use a Pegasus Seeds then move the statue out of your way and bolt around the maze to the chest. In the chest is the Slingshot.

Now hop down, head right, up and jump in the mine cart. Jump in the mine cart again but hit both of the switches to your right so you end up on the far right intersection. Now go up and then right. Head to the right side of the room, use a Pegasus Seeds then jump across to the Locked Block with Roc's Feather. Use the Small Key on the block then head up. Dive in the small pool of water on the right to get the Boss Key.

Now backtrack all the way to the room with the Deku Scrub. Jump in the mine cart. After you have finished your ride equip the Slingshot with Ember Seeds, jump back on the mine cart and light all of the torches. Then head down. Jump down past the spikes to the right then go and up, right and collect the Small Key from the chest.

Now head to the room just below the room you fought Agahnim). Move the block third from the left down to block the spike then head down and shoot the switch with your Slingshot. Now climb aboard the mine cart again. Kill all the Wizrobes then head up. While avoiding the Beamos, use the Small Key on the lock & then head down the stairs.

Use the Slingshot with Ember Seeds on the two torches across the abyss to retract the bridge. Now go right then up. Jump on the moving platform and avoid the Kesse & then open the Boss Door with the key. Head right. Now time to fight the Boss who is the Gohma.

Firstly slash it's Pincer with your sword 10 times so it falls off, you must quickly run left or right if it raises it's Pincer or Link will get hurt. Now whenever it opens it's eye shoot a seed at it with the Slingshot. After 6 to 8 Seeds it will die.

After it's dead pick up the Heart Container and then head right. Collect the Soothing Rain.

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