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Go up, right and then hop on the mine cart closest to you (make sure you hit the switch). Climb the steps and go right, climb down the stairs and then head right. Kill the Knight then move the lone block to the right and a Magnetic Ball will fall down, this is for use later. So now head back to the room that has the two mine carts and jump on the one to the right this time. As last time hit the switch so the mine cart. But this time it will take you to the middle of the room where there is a chest, open it to get a Small Key.

Then jump back on the mine cart so it goes back down then jump on it again, hit the switch again so the mine cart heads right. Go down the stairs to the basement. Head left jumping past the Podobos (Fireballs), now in the next section wait by the Thwomps so they fall down then jump on them so you can get to the ladder to head back up to the surface. Head right. Kill all the Zols & Gibdo so a chest appears, it has the Dungeon Map inside.

Once you have got it go left two screens. Head up the steps and up a screen then jump down into the water. Use a Small Key on the door to the left and enter it. Collect the Magnetic Gloves from the chest then use it to move the Magnetic Ball on to the button.

Exit the room and head down. Move the left block down, the right block down and then the middle block either left or right to continue. Head right and go down the stairs to the basement. Bomb the blue cracked blocks so you can head left. Jump from platform to platform avoiding the sonic booms from the gargoyles, to get to the ladder up to the surface.

Move the Armos Statue down three times, right twice then up once and then the door will open. Go down & then left. Climb up the steps on the right and open the chest to get a Large Blue Rupee worth 100. Then head up. Kill all the enemies in the room (Use the Magnetic Gloves to remove the masks from the Hiploops's to open the door on the left.

Kill all the Armos Knights but remember the order you kill them as you must open the four chests that appear in the same order you killed the Armos Knights to get 1 Rupee, 10 Bombs, 4 Ember Seeds & a Small Key. Then head right, down, move the Magnet Ball with the Glove then head down. Kill all the enemies this room so the door on the left opens then go through it. Follow the moving path to the chest then open it to get a Compass.

Exit and head down twice. Stand on the yellow square and use the North polarity so you get pulled across the gap, head up and open the chest for a Small Key. Now go down, stand on the right side of the Magnetic Pole and use the South Polarity so you get repelled across the gap. Go right, up, right to the room with the mine carts. Jump in the left mine cart. If the track is not curved hit the switch so it heads left.

Use the North Polarity so you get attracted to the Magnetic Pole, then when you are on the left side of the pole let go and hold the button down again to use the South Polarity so you get repelled over to the chest which has a Small Key inside. Use the same technique to get over the gap again and jump in the mine cart. Now go left twice, up twice, right, up & go down the stairs into the basement. Head right, Bomb the blue cracked blocks and then head right all the way to the ladder up. Stand below the Magnetic Pole and use the South Polarity so you get repelled over the gap, jump in the mine cart to your left and open the chest it takes you to so you get the Small Key inside. Jump back into the mine cart to go back and then head right using a Small Key on the locked door.

In this room you will fight the mini-boss Syger. To defeat the Syger avoid him when he is in his spiked ball form at all costs and slash the ball on his tail 8 times to kill him. Once Syger is defeated head up then right. Stand on the switch above and then head up & then quickly head left. You must kill all the Magnet Guys to open the door on the left. Use the Magnetic Gloves to suck in the little Magnet Guys and then slash them your Sword to kill 'em, once they are dead head left. Using the South Polarity face up to the Magnet Ball then walk a little to the left so the Ball comes down to within 2 squares of Link, head to the far top-right corner and using the North Polarity repel the Ball to the far left side of the room. Now backtrack to the room one screen above where you fought Syger.

Use a Small Key to head through the door on your left. Using the South Polarity to attract the ball move it so it is on the button. If the ball isn't there you will have to kill the Darknut and move the lone block on the other side of the room for it to appear (see the start of the walkthrough for this Dungeon). Once the door is open head up through the newly opened door. Using the South Polarity again use the Magnetic Ball as a shield against the flames to get to the locked door. Then head up using a Small Key on the locked door and go down the stairs to another basement. Use the North Polarity to rise up to the ledge, then jump across to the ladder down. Go down it, jump across the conveyor platforms then use the North Polarity to get up so you can collect the Boss Key.

Now backtrack again to the room one screen above where you fought the Syger. This time use a Small Key on the locked block & then go down the stairs to yet another basement. Jump on the moving platform, use the North Polarity to rise up & then drop on the other platform, head left, use the South Polarity to repel Link up to the ladder up. Move the pots on the left out of the way, then using the North Polarity again attract Link up over the gap, attract Link right over the gap then head up and attract Link left over the gap. Then head up and use the Boss Key to head up to the fight with Digdogger.

To defeat Digdogger use the North Polarity to suck the Spiked Ball from the pillar on the top right. Then using the Magnetic Gloves push and pull the Spiked Ball into Digdogger four times so it splits into many little Digdoggers. Now crush all the little Digdoggers with the Spiked Ball and he is then defeated.

Once he is dead collect the Heart Container and then head up. Collect the Nurturing Warmth.

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