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Go up twice. Go in the round-about then head right twice. Collect the 5 Rupees from the chest then head down. Bomb the bottom wall to get into a room full of rupees below. Then exit the room full of Rupees then go left, left, up & in the round-about again but this time you will be taken to the left. So go left and up. Push the Bumper Beetle into the abyss then use your Boomerang to turn the Spark into a Faerie, then use the South Polarity of the Magnetic Gloves to attract the Magnetic Ball towards while Link walks up so the ball goes as high as it can then use the North Polarity to repel the Magnetic Ball all the way to the left.

Then jump over the gaps to get to the far top-left corner. From here use the South Polarity while walking right so the Magnetic Ball moves up, right and over the gap to the platform with Link. Then repel the ball down using the North Polarity down over the gap. Jump over to the ball then using the South Polarity move the ball over to on top of the purple square. Then use the North Polarity so it goes over the gap while walking Link to the far right of the room. Then finally use the South Polarity to attract the ball to so it sits on top of the button. Then collect the Small Key and exit the room.

Go down then head up the steps on your left and go up. Collect the Dungeon Map from the chest.

Then head down, kill all the Ropes (Snakes) and then move the lone block to open the door and head right. Use the Small Key on the locked block and then head up. Go through the round-about which will take you right. Now go right, right, down, left, left & then use the Magnetic Gloves to move the Magnetic Ball onto the switch to open the door so you can head left again. Go up, right and use the round-about again but this time it will take you up.

Use the Magnetic Gloves to place the Magnetic Ball onto the button then go up the stairs in the far top-left corner. Make your way through the maze of traps and head down. Open the chest to get a Small Key then head up to exit. Drop down the hole in the floor.

Go down & then take the round-about to the left. Then go down, right, up, and take the round-about left again. Then go down, right, up but this time the round-about will go right. Use the Small Key to go up, jump from moving platform to moving platform to get to the chest in the top-left as it has the Compass.

Then jump from platform to platform to get to the right to head right. Stand on the button in the top right corner, then using a Pegasus Seeds and the Roc's Feather to take shortcuts quickly head to the top left corner of this room and head left and then go up the stairs.

Open the chest to get 10 Bombs and then Bomb the crack in the bottom-right wall, then head down. Open the chest in the middle of the room for a crappy 5 Rupees and then quickly head up and around to the left. Kill the Spiny Beetles and then move the Trampoline so it is on top of the purple square and then jump on it to head up. Go down & then right. Open the chest in the next room to get the Magic Boomerang.

Now kill all the Armos Knights with the Magic Boomerang and then when the door opens head left then drop down the hole in the bottom-left corner. Go left, head up the steps and go up & then left. Open the chest in the top-right corner for 10 Rupees and then make your way through the maze of traps to the button in the bottom right corner, stand to the left of the spike so it just left and the quickly step on it and then head up through the newly opened door. Now, put yourselves as on the image below :

Use the Magic Boomerang to curve around the statues to hit the crystal switch and then head up the stairs. Go down. Now, go exactly to this place :

Use the Magic Boomerang to hit the moving crystal switch and then go down through the newly opened door and jump down the hole. Head down, right a little, up & light all the torches with a Slingshot equipped with Ember Seeds and then head up the stairs that appear.

Go right. Equip Pegasus Seeds on one button and the Roc's Feather on the other and then collect the Large Red Ruby, now Indiana er... I mean Link has to run right, around and left then through the door before the room crushes him. So use Pegasus Seeds and jump over all traps in your way.

Now collect the Boss Key and then exit the room and then go up the stairs.

Kill all the Skull Knights and then move the top left block to open the door, and then head up. Drop down the hole, head down and around and open the chest to get a Small Key and then hop on the trampoline to get back up. Use the Small Key to head up. Now you will fight the Mini Boss called Vire.

At first just slash him when he dives for you, then when he spits blue fireballs slash them and then go for him. Once he splits into two winged skulls just slash them when they dive for you. After 6 slashed with your Noble Sword he'll be a goner.

Go right. Run right past the traps, if you don't stop running you will be fine. Jump over the rollers when they roll towards you, then step on the switch in the corner and head down. Step on a switch; either Ropes will drop down that you have to kill in order for the stairs to appear or the stairs will just appear. Anyway go up the stairs.

Avoid the Wallmasters and head up. Kill the beetles by moving the Magnetic Ball over them using the Magnetic Gloves then head left.

Using the Magic Boomerang make all the switches on the left red and then head down. Kill both of the Skull Knights and then move the trampoline all the way down to the wall and then four spaces to the right and then jump on it to head up a level. Hit the switch with your Magic Boomerang and then jump down the hole, go up the stairs on your left. Move the block directly on you right to the right and then use the Boss Key on the Boss Door to head up.

Now you will fight the Boss Manhandla, who like Aquamentus and Dodongo were from the first Zelda. To kill her, hit her four blooms when they are open with the Magic Boomerang, 3 hits each and they will disappear. Once they are all gone use the Magic Boomerang on the base until it opens up and then use your Sword on the core to destroy it.

Once it is dead collect the Heart Container and then head up the stairs to collect the Blowing Wind.

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