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Go up and then right. Hit the statue with no eye with the Slingshot the collect the Small Key that falls down. Now go left & then up twice. Kill all the Magnet Guys and then head up. Kill all the Gels and then bomb the cracked blocks to get to the Magnetic Ball and then using the Magnetic Gloves crush the Bumper Beetle with it and a Small Key will fall down. Collect it and then head right twice.

Unlock the locked block and then go down the stairs. Make your way down hit the Ropes if they come for you. Avoid the rollers and head down the stairs to the Basement. To get to the ladder up on the other side of the basement, use your Roc's Cape but make sure you hold the button as double tapping will not work. Make your way across the lava and avoid he roller (try jumping with the Roc's Cape) to head down. While avoiding the Giant Spikes stand on the button in the top-right corner to open the door and then head right. Go up the stairs. Make your way carefully over to the chest and open it to get the Compass.

If a Spiny Beetle or Keese touches you will ping-pong between the spikes at a loss of many hearts. Go back down the stairs. Use a Small Key on the locked door to head right. Enter the round-about and then go up the steps, left, drop down & then go right and enter the round-about again to go down. Do not kill anything in the next room until the Armos Knight wakes up and starts moving. When he does this, go up the stairs in the corner. Head right and open the chest to get the Dungeon Map.

But don't leave just yet... using the South Polarity of the Magnetic Gloves move the Magnetic Ball left so it drops through the gap. Then go right so it's just before the lava. The using the North Polarity take it right over the lava and then back left so it sits on top of the button. This will retract the bridge to your right. Now go back down the stairs to your left. Head right & go up the stairs. Go left. Wake up the Armos Knights and then kill them with the Magic Boomerang, move the bottom block left & open the chest to get the Hyper Slingshot.

Go right, jump over the lava to the bridge then head down the stairs below. Head up, flip over the lava, head left, go in the round-about to head right & then open the chest to get a Small Key. Now head left, enter the round-about to go up, head right, go down the steps and use the North Polarity on the Magnetic Pole to your right to cross the lava & then head right. Stand back and use the Hyper Slingshot to hit all three eyeless statues simultaneously, a stair case will appear so go up it. Bomb the cracked blocks to get to the chest, then Bomb the two cracked blocks below it & move the remaining block left to get to it. Once you collect the Small Key from the chest head back down the stairs. Use a Small Key to open the door so you can head right.

In this room you will fight Frypolar this Dungeon's Mini-Boss (see Bestiary for info). To defeat Frypolar you must damage both of his forms. Use the Hyper Slingshot equipped with Mystery Seeds to change his form. As the Cold form simply damage him by using the Hyper Slingshot equipped with Ember Seeds, but damaging his Hot form is harder. To damage his Hot form while in his Cold form hit one of the Ice Crystals he produces with Mystery Seeds, then hit him with Mystery Seed. Now quickly pick up the Ice Crystal with the Power Bracelet and throw it at him. After 5 hits (you have to damage both of his forms at least once) he'll be dead.

Once Frypolar is dead head up. Quickly light all the torches and then head up the stairs that appear. Head up.

This room contains a hard puzzle. But here are instructions : To make the explanation easier I will label the top ice block "A", the one next highest from the top "B" and then the one closest to the bottom of the room "C".

  1. Move "C" right.
  2. Move "B" down, right & then up.
  3. Move "A" left, down, right & then up.
  4. Move "B" right.
  5. Move "A" right.

Then head down the stairs to another basement. Head left by climbing up the Ice Blocks, then jump across the moving conveyor belts, then jump across the thwomps & climb up the ladder. Now step on the button to retract the bridge and then head right. Quickly head right past the spikes & Wizrobes. Use the Magic Boomerang to hit the switch, head over the bridge that appears & head down. Kill all the Bats with your sword and then kill the Pols Voice with Bombs and then head down. Open the chest to get the Boss Key and then head down.

Drop off the ledge and head left through the locked door. Head left. Bomb the top wall on the right side of the Owl Statue. Head up through the opening. Follow the exact steps of the Armos Knight and then collect the key that falls down. Now exit this room. Pick up a Ice Crystal & head down. Throw the Ice Crystal into the hole.

It will fall down and solidify the lava below into rock. Head up, pick up another Ice Crystal and then jump in the mine cart. After your ride drop the Ice Crystal and use a Small Key to unlock the Locked Block. Then pick the Ice Crystal up again and throw it into another hole. Jump back into the mine cart, pick up another Crystal and then jump in the mine cart again. Drop the Ice Crystal, hit the switch below & jump back into the mine cart. Throw the Ice Crystal into the hole on your right. Now jump back into the mine cart, hit the switch again and then jump back in to the mine cart so it takes you back to the room with all the Crystals.

Now head down and go down the stairs. Open the chest to the right to get a Small Key, now head up & go up the stairs to your right. Now go right twice & then down. Open the chest to get a Small Key. Now backtrack to the area that used to be lava. Head down, left, open the chest to get 10 Bombs & then go up the stairs. Jump in the mine cart. Avoid the Beamos and head down the stairs in this room.

Now go right, down & up the stairs. Go up, grab a Ice Crystal and jump in the mine cart. Drop the Ice Crystal, open the locked door, pick up the Ice Crystal & then head down. Jump in the mine cart. Throw the Ice Crystal into the last hole. Now head down the stairs, then go up two screens. Dissolve the Locked Block using your last Small Key then head right. Use the Boss Key to head up to the fight with the Boss of this Dungeon.

The Boss of this Dungeon is Medelock. To kill him, equip the Roc's Cape and a Sword. Attack Medelock when ever you have the chance and jump it's Laser and Scream attacks. Also Demajen adds "When fighting Medelock (Zombie skull thing) shoot the bastard with some Pegasus seeds to stop him dead in his tracks for about a second".

After 15 slashes with your Noble Sword it will be dead (again) !. After it's dead collect the Heart Container then head up.

Collect the Changing Seasons.

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