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Head left or right if your low on life and collect the Faerie in there. Then defend with your Shield until all the tiles have flown into you to exit the room. Anyway head up. Knightwing4 adds: "In order to save a lot of time getting the faeries, use the Magic Boomerang and get the faerie, then just leave before the door closes." Kill all the Wizrobes then head up. Kill all the Knights & Wall Masters then head up. Kill Facade again (See Bestiary for info) then head up. Hit all the pots to stock up on supplies and then head up. Now you will fight the Demon General... Onox.

To kill Onox attack him with Spin Attacks via your sword. Pegasus Seeds may be a good idea to avoid his Iron Mace and his whirlwind projectiles. After 7 spin attacks with your Noble Sword he will use Din trapped in a Crystal as a shield, use the Rod of Seasons to knock her away and then attack him with another seven Spin Attacks.

Eventually Onox will explode, now walk up to Din trapped in the crystal, but..... suddenly the floor will give way and Link will fall down. Now you must fight Onox's true form Dark Dragon.

To defeat Onox in this form jump on the back of his hands when he tries to squish you and then jump over and slash his face with your sword. To avoid his swipe attack quickly run to the opposite side of the screen he's coming from, it may be best to use Pegasus Seeds. For the Blue Fire attack stand still until the last moment then move only slightly so you are just out of it's way. For the Red Fire attack just use Pegasus Seeds and dodge his blasts. After around 15 slashes with your Noble Sword he will be no more.

TB200 has a ring strategy for Onox : "I beat Onox's non-shield stage with the Red Ring, only 4 charges to destroy that. Then I transferred to the Green Ring and it only took 6 hits, then I transferred to the Lv2 Armour Ring, jumped on his hand, changed to the Red Ring and slashed, then I transferred back. Rinse and Repeat. Only 8 more hits that way and he's a goner".

Liang Zhuge also has his own strategy: "Fighting the dragon is a very long fight because you have to jump to his had and then jump and slash his face and repeat the process. I think that's because this game is co-developed by Capcom (So he's like a Rockman / Megaman final boss). When you are up in the hand, use a Pegasus (run fast) Seed. Then jump (press and release), Swipe the dragon's face and if you time it correctly you'll land on the opposite HAND! Then continue to repeat the process and you don't need to wait each time the hand comes down for one swipe.

After an extremely long battle he will die, Din will be saved & Holodrum's Seasons will return to normal. But is this the ending.....?



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