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Head up two screens to find Impa being attacked by Octoroks. The Octoroks will run away, and you'll have a short conversation with Impa.

After the talk, she will join you. Head up one screen, then left one screen. After Impa speaks, head to the stone with the triangle symbol on it and push it to the left or right to clear the path.

Head up two screens to reach Nayru and her forest pals. Talk to each of the creatures surrounding her at least once, then speak to the bear once again to make him move. Walk past the bear to see a nice cutscene featuring Nayru and Link. After the cutscene ends and the events unfold (NOOO !! Not the monkeys !),

Impa will give you the Wooden Sword and will tell you to visit the Maku Tree in Lynna City. Head down three screens. Cut down the bushes with your new Sword and head left to the next screen. Welcome to Lynna City. Visit the Shop and check out the goods. You can spend some time in the Forest of Time or the City cutting down bushes to get rupees for the Wooden Shield, but it's not necessary. It's best to wait until later for the Shield.

Make sure to stop by Vasu Jewelers to pick up a Ring Box. Explore the rest of the city if you wish. When you're ready, head up two screens from where the shop is and enter the cave.

After speaking with the Maku Tree, she will suddenly disappear. It seems that something has happened to her in the Past ! Head right one screen. Talk to Ralph,

Then enter the portal to go to the Past.

Once in the Past, head down one screen, then left one screen. Welcome to Lynna Village. Head down one screen, then left three screens. Now head down two screens. Go down one screen, then right one screen. Speak to the Miner there to view a short cutscene. Afterwards, he will move out of the way to let you pass. Head up, then enter the doorway on the next screen. You're now inside The Black Tower.

Head right to the next room, then up to another room, and finally left to the room after that. Head left in this room, then go down and talk to the distinct-looking orange miner. The Shovel is now yours !

See those rocks (dirt) to the right of the guy who gave you the Shovel ? You can use the Shovel to break those ! Now that you've gotten what you needed, exit The Black Tower the way you came, or use the Shovel to get rid of the dirt blocking the path.

Once outside, head down (get the Piece of Heart if you wish), left, then up two screens to return to Lynna Village.

Back in Lynna Village, use your newfound Shovel to dig up the ground. You may find hearts, Rupees (sometimes rare Blue Rupees worth 100), or enemies.

Try to dig up enough Rupees to buy a Shield when you return to the Present. From where I left off (one screen above The Black Tower), go up once and right three times. Now head up one screen to reach the screen with the entrance to Maku Path. Use the Shovel to break the dirt, then enter the cave.

- Head up and enter the next room.
- Push the block up to open the door. Go through the door.
- Push the block in the middle of the room to the right, then kill the 3 Keese (Bats) in the room. Head right and go to the next room.
- The door will close when you enter the room. Kill the Mini-Gels (who can't hurt you) to open the doors. Head up through the upper door.
- Push the block in the way up. Head right on the narrow path (not a good idea to fall into the pit!) until you reach two blocks. Push the left block up and the right block right. Go up and step on the switch. Make your way back to the fork in the path and head left this time. Follow that path to reach the Treasure Chest with a Small Key inside. Head back.
- Head to the far-left of the room and open the door with your Small Key.
- You'll see two groups of blocks arranged in the following manner :

#    #        #   7
#    3    2   4    6    #
#    #    1   5    #    #
# # # # #   # ## 8 9

- Push 1 to the left, 2 up, and 3 to the left. Now step on the switch toopen the door.

Note :

Push 5 right, 4 up, and 6 right to make some stairs appear. Go down them to reach 30 Rupees ! To get out, push 7 right, 8 down, and 9 right.

- Immediately kill the 2 Stalfos in the room. To get the Piece of Heart, push the left-most block up, then push the block that was next to it to the left. Now push the block by itself in any direction to open the doors. Head through the right door.

- In the next room, head up the stairs to meet the Maku Shrub.

You will find the Maku Shrub being attacked by some Pig Warriors. They will attack you, but it shouldn't be hard to defeat them. Be careful, though, since they have arrows. Once you've beaten them, you have successfully saved the Maku Tree and can return to the Present. Looks like Link has a new girlfriend, though :) And I thought the whole Princess Ruto thing was sick... Head down one screen and go through the Time Portal. Head up and talk to the Maku Tree. Eventually the Maku Tree will give you a Seed Satchel with 20 Ember Seeds.

She will tell you that she needs the Essences of Time to restore her memory and make her grow. Once she has all 8, she can grow the Maku Seed, which will help Link defeat Veran.

Head down one screen and equip the Seed Satchel. Use the Seeds on that little tree on the right of the screen to burn it. Head right and open the Treasure Chest on the next screen for a Blue Rupee worth 30 !

Head back left, then go down two screens and buy the Shield from the Shop if you haven't done so already. Head out of the Shop and go down one screen.

Use the Sword to hit the tree and the red seeds will fall out. Use this tree to replenish your Ember Seed supply. Head back up one screen, then go right once.

Head up once, right once, and down once. Equip the Ember Seeds and burn down the little tree on the right of the screen. Head right one screen.

Burn the tree on the screen here as well. Head right once, down once, then left once. You'll see some little boys playing. Make sure to note the spot of soil on this screen- these are where you'll plant Gasha Seeds that you acquire. After the boys are done talking, head down the bridge to the next screen. Head right two screens and burn the tree on the bottom. Enter the hidden staircase.

Inside, head right just a little bit, then head up and light the lamp. Now head to the right and light the other lamp. Pick up the Graveyard Key that falls down and exit.

Head left twice, up once, right once, and up twice. Open the gate there, then head right once. Go down three times and enter Level 1 - Spirit's Grave.

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