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You should be familiar with this terrain by now, so I won't have step-by-step instructions. Make your way out of Yoll Graveyard (meeting Maple on the way, planting the Gasha Seed, or getting the Piece of Heart), go through the Forest of Time, and get back to Lynna City. Once in Lynna City, head left two times from where the Shop is, then up once. Now head left, down, then left again. Pick up the rock with your Power Bracelet, then head left to the next screen. Head down to enter the Fairies' Woods. Head right, down, left, down, left, and up to meet the Fairies. They will hide, and you must go find them. Pay attention to these directions carefully ! Head right, then down, and cut the bushes to find the first Fairy.

Now go up, then left to return to "home base," where all the Fairies will gather once you find them. Head left twice. Cut down the bushes to find the second Fairy.

Go right to return home. Once there, head up, down, then up again. Lift the rock to find the third and final Fairy.

The Fairies will talk to you, and will take away the spell from the forest so that it won't be a maze. Head right and pick up the rock on the next screen. Once you move a little to the right, the building there will collapse. Immediately return to the Maku Tree. Once at the Maku Tree, exit to the right. On the next screen, hop down from the cliff, then exit at the bottom-right. Exit to the right on the next screen, then head up. Here you will find Nayru's House, where Impa is staying. Enter the house. Inside, push the statue in front of Impa to the left, then enter the door the statue was blocking. Go down the stairs, and collect the Harp of Ages in the next room.

After the talk with Nayru, exit the house and use the Harp of Ages, Tune of Echoes. Enter the Time Portal that appears... Make your way to the bottom-left of Lynna Village, lift the rocks with your Power Bracelet and head left to enter West Lynna. Head left one screen, then down one screen to enter the Deku Forest. Go to the bottom-right exit of the screen, then head down once and left two times. Now head up one screen (use the upper-right exit) and lift the rocks on the upper-right of the screen.

Go down the stairs. Head down a little and push the block there down. Go to the right of the room and push the upper-left block left and the lower-left block down. Follow the path until you reach the other side of the Chest. Push the block down, then push the middle block to the right. Open the Chest for a Gasha Seed. Exit the cave. Head down, then up (going to the upper-left exit this time).

Go left once, then down twice. Now head left and burn the tree there. Follow the path up to the next screen, then head right one screen and up one screen. Lift the rocks and cut down the bushes at the top to replenish your hearts or Ember Seeds. This is a great place to restock because the items will reappear once you enter and exit the stairs nearby. Once you're content, head down the stairs.

Head left and open the Chest for a Giant Blue Rupee. Head back to the right, and cut down the bushes there. Head down and cut the bush at the corner before it can attack you. Continue to the left, lift the rock, and walk left to the next screen. Go up the stairs there. Back outside, head down one screen (be careful of the bush on the way). Whack the tree with your sword to get Mystery Seeds. Try using some on the Owl Statue to make it talk. Head back up, enter the stairs, and make your way out of the cave. Once you're out of the cave, head down one screen and a Guard will come talk to you. Apparently, Queen Ambi wants some of em Mystery Seeds, so the Guard takes you to her at her Palace. She takes all of your Mystery Seeds and gives you some Bombs in return.

After the events unfold, you'll end up outside of Ambi's Palace. Head back to the Deku Forest and use Bombs in front of the building there. Enter the Wing Dungeon.

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