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The gap between Level 2 and Level 3 is a large one, so it'll take quite some time and work to get to Level 3. Hope you're prepared for a long journey ! Want a Piece of Heart ? Head left twice from the Wing Dungeon entrance, then jump over the pit and head down one screen. Burn the tree and go down the stairs. Head right to get the Piece of Heart, then exit Another Piece of Heart, you say ?

Well, head to Talus Peaks (just above the Deku Forest) and jump over the pit to go to the next screen. On the next screen, go up the stairs. Enter the cave. Inside, jump around and pick up Pots until you get to the Piece of Heart. Exit the cave. Explore the rest of Talus Peaks if you wish. When you're done, return to Lynna Village. Head to the screen with the Ember Seed Tree.

Head down once, then right once. Jump across the water and go up one screen. Enter Cheval's House to meet the inventor. He will speak of hoping to one day invent Flippers for swimming and water-proof rope. Exit the house, and Ralph will appear, telling you of Cheval's Grave in the Present. Go to a Time Portal and return to the Present. Make your way to Yoll Graveyard. There, you'll find Moosh being attacked by some Ghinis (Ghosts).

Defeat all 3 to save Moosh. Talk to him and he will join you. Bring him left one screen, then up once. Repeatedly push A to make him fly (if you hold A, he'll charge up and do a stomp attack). Fly over the pits to the right, then fly up, and to the left until you reach the tombstone next to the rock that you can lift with the Power Bracelet. Push the tombstone up and go down the stairs.

Be careful of the Red Gels and Shelled Beetles in this area. Go to the upper exit and to the next screen. Head right one screen then down one screen. Equip your Roc's Feather and Power Bracelet for some timed puzzley goodness. Jump around the room until you reach an orange lever. Use your Power Bracelet to pull it back as far as you can, and you'll notice the blocks in front of the flippers will start separating. Immediately let go of the lever and jump to the right. Collect Zora's Flippers before the blocks reset.

Hop off the ledge on the left, then swim up one screen. Swim to the right and above those plants in the water until you reach the upper-left exit of the room. In the next room, swim to the left until you collect the Cheval Rope.

Hop off the ledge, swim down one screen, and exit the grave. Get out of this place (saying good-bye to Moosh for now), and head to Lynna Village in the Past. Go to the screen with the Ember Seed Tree. Go up once, left once, and down once. Head left across the bridge, then go down three screens. Go inside Rafton's House. Talk to Rafton and give him the Cheval Rope.

However, he'll tell you that you need the Island Chart before you can use the Raft. Refrain from cursing and leave his house. Go up one screen and Ralph will show up once again to tell aid you. He recalls someone near Lynna City who's an expert at making maps... Time to return to the Present. Head back to the Forest of Time. Head to the entrance of Yoll Graveyard and you'll meet Ricky the Kangaroo.

Seems that he's missing his Glove (Boxing), so find it for him ! Head down one screen, cut down the bushes there, and head left. Head down one screen, jump over the pits, and head down another screen. Now at the South Shore, head left one screen and take out your trusty Shovel. Break the dirt. Underneath one of them is Ricky's Glove.

Return to Ricky and give him back his Glove. He'll then join you. Press A to make Ricky punch. Hold A to charge up a whirlwind punch. Head down one screen and punch the bushes out of the way. Head left one screen.

On the next screen, hold Up until Ricky jumps up to the ledge. Head down one screen, and just hold Left to make him jump over the pits. Head up one screen, and jump up to Tingle, the 35 year-old "fairy". Hop out of Ricky's pouch and equip your Roc's Feather and Sword. Jump up and slash the Balloon to make Tingle fall down. Talk to him and get the Island Chart.

Ricky will then say good-bye... forever. Or at least until you can find his Flute. Return to Rafton's House in the Past. Talk to Rafton, and he'll finally allow you to use a Raft. Head right one screen and take the bottom exit there. Outside, you'll find your nifty new Raft. Explore for a while if you wish. When you're ready, head down two screens, right once, then up twice.

Hmm... the weather looks pretty nasty around here. Hey, wha ?! You can't control the Raft anymore ?! Why is it so dark ? And where'd all this thunder and lightning come from ?


Uh-oh, maybe Link shouldn't have held his sword up when that lightning came down... Is this the end for our mighty adventurer ? Of course not, but be ready for a long stay at Crescent Moon Island, Labrynna's premiere Lizardman hangout. I'm sure these Lizardmen will take good care of you... Wait ! What are you doing with my items !? Come back !! 

Alrighty, Link, time to get your beloved items back. Head down one screen and push that green plant right two spaces. Head right one screen, then down one screen and speak to the Tokay there to get your Shovel back.

After getting the Shovel, head up one screen and enter the cave. Inside, head all the way up and push the block there left. Use your Shovel to break the dirt, then head down and get your Sword back.

Exit the cave. Head left one screen, then up one screen. Go up the stairs and go right one screen. Beware the Leevers and Blue Octoroks, both of which take more than one hit to defeat. Head down one screen then right one screen. Talk to the Deku Scrub near the top to buy back your Shield for 50 Rupees (You don't have to buy back your Shield now.

As Jupiter Paladin points out, you can get it for 10 Scent Seeds at Tokay Traders after getting back all your items). Head down one screen and push the plant to the upper left of the screen, just below that ledge. Continue down one screen then right one screen. Head up three screens and enter the Trading Hut there. Head to the Power Bracelet and press A.

Choose the left option to exchange your Shovel for a Power Bracelet. Head out of the hut, then down three screens and left once. Head up the stairs and take the upper-right exit to the next screen, then head up another screen. Lift the rock with your Power Bracelet, then go down the stairs. Push the two lower-right blocks to the right, then go up the stairs. Grab the Bombs, then go back down.

Use Bombs on the two cracked blocks and collect the Gasha Seed. Exit up the left stairs. Go down one screen, left once, right once (using the lower-right exit), then up twice. Bomb the cracked wall and enter. Talk to the orange Tokay, and play his game (choose the left option) for a Scent Seed Seedling. Each game is 10 Rupees. Pick up the food in the middle of the room and toss it to the Tokay that will come flocking in on the sides.

A Red Tokay signals the end. Play again to win 20 Rupees, then 50, then a Gasha Seed, then a Giant Blue Rupee worth 100. The game gets EXTREMELY hard even by the 50 Rupee game, so I hope you have lots of patience. There are no prizes beyond the 100 Rupees (if you play again you'll play for 100 Rupees again). Once you have the Seed, get the heck outta that cave before the game drives you insane !

Head up one screen to the Trading Hut, then exchange your Bracelet for the Shovel, then the Shovel for the Roc's Feather, and head out. Head down three screens, then left once. Jump over the pits, then head left one screen and up one screen. Bomb the cracked wall and enter. Jump around and bomb the cracked blocks until you reach the Tokay with your Flippers.

Head back to the Trading Hut and get your Power Bracelet back. Come back to the cave and pick up the rocks at the upper-left of the room. Go to the deep water and press B to dive down. Swim through the side-scrolling area and head up the ladders. After you emerge, pick up the rocks and go up the stairs. Outside, head left one screen and get your Seed Satchel back.

Head right and jump down. You'll crush the plant in the process. Leave the screen then come back again and push the plant back to the upper-left of the area. Once you're done, head up one screen, left once, up again, then right. Lift up the rocks and talk to the Tolay. He'll take the Scent Seed Seedling and plant it. Jump off the ledge on the right and head right one screen.

Go inside the hut and buy back your Roc's Feather for good with 10 Mystery Seeds Head out of the hut and go down three screens and left two screens. Enter the cave. Lift up the pots by the staircase and go down. Swim to the screen on the left and equip your Roc's Feather. Climb up the ladder, then jump onto the moving platform. Jump off the moving platform when it heads right, then go right one screen. Jump over the hole and climb up the ladder on the other side. Head out of the cave, then talk to the Tokay to get your Harp of Ages back.

Head back to the Trading Hut. From there, head down two screens and use the Harp of Ages. Head through the Time Portal. Go down one screen then left one. Head up two screens then left once and go down the vines there (if there aren't any vines, go back to the Past and push the plants in the right spots). After you go down the vines, go left one screen and climb up the vines there to the screen above.

Now head right two screens and get some shiny new Scent Seeds. Hop down the ledge on the right, then head right once, then down twice. Head into the Time Portal. Back in the Past, go to the Trading Hut and trade 10 Scent Seeds for whatever item you have left there (probably the Shovel). Now that you have the Roc's Feather, Power Bracelet, and Shovel, head to the Tokay that gave you your Harp of Ages back.

From where he is, go up one screen, left one, and finally down one. Play the Tune of Echoes to activate the Time Portal and jump in. Back in the Present, head up three screens, right once, down twice, then up once more (this time through the upper-right exit). Enter the Moonlit Grotto.

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