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It's time to leave Crescent Moon Island ! Hope you've enjoyed your stay ! Head down one screen, up one screen (using the upper-left exit), and up once more. Oh no ! What are those Tokay doing to that poor Dodongo ?! Give them an Ember Seed to make them go away. Talk to Dimitri and he will join you. Explore if you wish with Dimitri.

Just head up one screen, then left one screen from where you found him to return to mainland. Say goodbye to your Dodongo friend now. Who knows if you'll see him again ??? If you want an upgraded Seed Satchel, simply return to Tingle (the guy who gave you the Island Chart) and talk to him. He'll upgrade your Seed Satchel, allowing you to carry up to 50 of each Seed.

Note :

The following strategies will differ depending on one factor. If you buy the Flute inside the Lynna City Shop for 150 Rupees, you will receive Dimitri instead of Moosh, and Nuun Highlands will look completely different. To get Ricky, play the Shooting Gallery Mini-Game in Lynna Village and win the Flute. If you don't do either, you'll end up with Moosh.

Return to Lynna City. Leave Lynna through the western exit. On the next screen, head up one screen. Take out your Seed Shooter (w/ Ember Seeds) and burn the tree on the right. Next shoot the switch to extend the bridge. Continue up to the next screen. Beware the Buzz Blobs and Zolas on the next few screens. The Buzz Blobs cannot be defeated with the Sword, and the Zolas spit fireballs at you.

Didn't Buy Flute in Lynna Shop

Anyhow, go left one screen, up once, right three times, up again, then left once.

Bought Flute in Lynna Shop

Go left one screen, up once, right twice, then up once more.

Received Flute from Shooting Galler Mini-Game

Go left one screen, up once, right twice, then up once more.

Speak to the Carpenter, then backtrack to Lynna City. On the way, one of the Forest Fairies will stop by and tell you of trouble in the Fairy Forest. Head back to the Fairies' Woods. Head to the screen with the ruins of the Dungeon of Wings. Head left once to meet the Fairies. Simply head up one screen, down, then up again to find your old friend Moosh or Dimitri or Ricky ! You'll end up outside of Fairies' Woods, and Moosh or Dimitri or Ricky will give you Moosh's Flute or Dimitri's Flute or Ricky's Flute so you can call them at any time. The following area will differ depending on which animal pal you received. Make sure to follow the correct walkthrough.


Return to the Carpenter and agree to get all 3 crew members back. Head right one screen and slash the bush there. Use Moosh to fly over the pits, then head up one screen. Speak with the man there, then go back down one screen. Next, go right one screen. Use Moosh to fly to the far-right of the screen. Cut down the bushes, then continue down one screen. If you want, enter the cave for a Ring. Otherwise, fly left to the next screen. On the next screen, climb up the stairs, head right one screen, then head up and talk to the man there. Go down, left, right (using the lower-right exit), up, then left. Next, head up twice and right once. Go down the stairs and head down one screen. Fly to the man and talk to him.


Return to the Carpenter and agree to get all 3 crew members back. Head down one screen, then right one screen. Use Dimitri to swim up the waterfall, then go up one screen and talk to the man there. Go back down one screen, then go right. Talk to the man there as well. On the same screen, you can go up the waterfall and enter the cave to find a Ring. Head up one screen, climb up the waterfall, and continue up to the next screen to find the final man.


Return to the Carpenter and agree to get all 3 crew members back. Head down one screen, then right one screen. Use Ricky to jump up the ledge, then go up one screen and speak with the man there. Head down one screen, left once, then up three screens. Then head right once and down once to find another crew member. Talk to him, the head up once, right, and down three times. Jump up the ledge with Ricky, then enter the cave for a Ring. Exit the cave, then jump up another ledge to meet the final carpenter.

The Carpenter and his men will fix the bridge, allowing you to go to Talus Peaks and Symmetry Village.

Head left one screen. The Soldiers present in this area are relatively difficult to beat (just because it takes a few hits to beat them), so just try to avoid them. Head up one screen to enter what remains of Symmetry Village. Nice place, eh ? Beware the Podobo Chains that shoot fireballs while you're here.

Anyway, go left one screen and collect some Gale Seeds. These seeds can return you to any tree that you've previously visited, which is extremely useful ! Also, cut down the bushes to reveal Time Portals. Use you Harp of Ages to activate the portals, then hop into one. Welcome to Symmetry Village. A slightly less dreary place, but what's that rumbling sound ? Uh-oh, the volcano's gonna explode !

That explains why the village is destroyed in the Present ! Well, Link, it's your job to save the town and gain access to Level 4 ! You'll notice there's a house where the Gale Seed Tree was. That is the Center House, which will be important in saving the town. Enter the Center House and speak to the ladies inside. They will tell you that the village must be in perfect symmetry, and now that the Tuni Nut (its a palindrome) is broken, the village has been thrown into chaos and the volcano is ready to explode.

Agree to retrieve and repair the Tuni Nut, which will stop the volcano from erupting. Exit the house. Head right one screen, then up one screen. (The Tuni Nut may also be found by going left one screen, then up one screen from the Center House. The twin you talked to in the Center House affects where you will find the Tuni Nut). Enter the house and speak to the man to receive the Cracked Tuni Nut.

You'll now need to repair the Nut, so exit the house. Head left twice, down twice, left, and up twice. Swim to the patch of deep water on the upper-right of the screen and dive there. Swim down and right to the next screen (avoid the Cheep-Sheeps). On the next screen, swim right until you reach the ladder. Climb up. Once you emerge, speak to Tokkey inside the room.

Play your Harp of Ages, Tune of Echoes and he will go berserk. After dancing on the counter, he'll give you the Tune of Currents for your Harp of Ages, which will allow you to transport to the Present anywhere from the Past (but not vice versa). Head back to the underwater tunnel and return to the overworld. Back on the overworld, head down one screen then left once. Stay to the lower-left of the screen and use the Tune of Currents.

Back in the Present, cross the bridge to the next screen and pick up the Piece of Heart. Return to the Past, then head right one screen, down once, and left once. Stay to the lower-left of the screen, then use the Tune of Currents to transport to the Present. In the Present, head down, right, down, left, down twice, and right once. Go up the stairs in the middle of the screen to go to the next screen.

Lift the rock on the next screen and use the Tune of Echoes to activate the Time Portal. In the Past, head down one screen and push the plant to the spot on the right. Go back up one screen and enter the cave. Inside the cave, head up the stairs. Exit through the right and push the block outside to the left. Go back inside the cave and head down the stairs. Exit the cave and use the Tune of Current to return to the Present.

Note :

You can get the Bomb Upgrade around this time.

In the Present, head down one screen. Climb up the vines on the right to go to the next screen. Head right one screen, then up twice. Now head left once, then down. Use the Tune of Echoes to activate the Time Portal and go to the Past. Back in the Past, head up one screen, right, down three times, right, and up once. Get ready for some climbin'. Make sure to avoid the falling boulders while climbing.

Climb up the vines to the next screen. On the next screen, climb up once again to the next screen. On the next screen, climb up yet again (use the middle path). Next, climb up and enter the cave. Talk to Patch and give him the Cracked Tuni Nut. Follow him down the stairs, then speak to him again. It's time to play the Hardhat Beetle Mini-Game.

The object of the game is to force the Beetles intro the holes (it doesn't matter which one you push into which hole) before the Minecart crashes. You can extend your time by steeping on the switch just as the Minecart passes by. The game is relatively easy. As the game begins, immediately single out one of the Beetles and swing your Sword to force it back into a hole.

Lead the rest of the Beetles near one of the holes and just keep slashing your sword to keep them away while you stand on the switch (or, if you still have time, just push them into a hole). Once the Minecart is safe, return to trying to slash the Beetles into the holes. Don't get touched by the Beetles, or else you'll be pushed back. Also, try not to get surrounded by them- keep them on one side. After you beat the game, Patch will give you the restored Tuni Nut.

Exit the the cave, head right one screen, jump off the cliff, and head up one screen to return to Symmetry Village. Head to the Center House and enter. Walk up and place the Tuni Nut on the pedestal.

Congratulations, you've helped save Symmetry Village ! Exit the Center House and use the Tune of Currents to return to the Present. Cheery place now, ain't it ? Head up one screen from the Gale Tree and enter the Skull Dungeon.

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