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Note :

Now that you have the Switch Hook, it's possible to complete the Trading Sequence and get the Level 2 Sword, the Noble Sword ! This is only optional, but it's worth the trouble ! Check the Side-quests section for more info.

Head to the Maku Tree in the Present and use the Time Portal one screen to the right of her. In the Past, climb down the ladder and jump over the pits on the right. Continue right to the next screen. Walk up one screen then left one screen. Use the Switch Hook to get across the pit, then head left one screen. Enter the cave. Speak with all the Goron's inside the cave.

They will tell you that they need a Bomb Flower to blow up the wall. Exit the cave and use the Tune of Currents to return to the Present. Enter the cave in the Present. Inside the cave, head to the left, then up, and exit to the right. On the next screen, go up the staircase at the bottom of the room. In the next room, head up and exit to the left. Next, head left and walk up the small steps.

If you want some Rupees, go to the lower-right exit and go down the stairs on the next screen. Next, go left one screen and open the the Chest for 50 Rupees. Go back up the stairs on the right, head left one screen, and go up the other staircase. Go up the small steps and Bomb the cracked wall near the Goron. Go through for a Piece of Heart. Go back to the previous room and exit by going down.

Pig Warriors abound in this area, so be careful. Go down the staircase and step on the switch. Cross the bridge and go down the staircase, then open the Chest to get 30 Rupees. Head back outside. Go right three screens and lift the rock with your Power Bracelet. Activate the Time Portal and go to the Past Head left three screens, up the steps, and up one screen. Slash the tree and collect the Pegasus Seeds.

Use the Tune of Currents to return to the Present. Head down one screen, right once, and up once. Enter Moblin Keep. Equip your Pegasus Seeds and use them to run to the staircase. If you're not fast enough, the floor will fall beneath you. In the next room, head up the staircase to face the Great Moblin.

Pick up the large Bombs (you need to equip the Power Bracelet), wait a few seconds, then toss them back at the Great Moblin. Evade the small Bombs by standing in one place and moving once the Pig Warriors toss them at you. 6 hits and he's a goner.

After you defeat him, you'll receive the Bomb Flower.

Go down the stairs on the left. Once underground, climb up the ladders (be careful of the Flames) until you reach the upper-right ladder. Climb that ladder then jump onto the moving platforms in the next room. Once you reach the water, swim to the right and climb up the ladder there. Open the Chest in the room for a Ring. Head back down the stairs and swim down and to the right in the next room.

Exit to the right. Swim up in the next room and climb up the ladder. In the next room, Bomb the blocks and climb up the ladder. Exit the cave. Head left one screen, down one, and right twice. Activate the Time Portal and journey back to the Past. Go left two screens, then jump down off the ledge. Head left once screen and enter the cave. Speak with the Gorons inside and they'll use the Bomb Flower to free the Goron Elder.

He'll hand over the Crown Key.

Go past the Elder, follow the path and go up stairs until you end up back at the to of Rolling Ridge. Head right one screen, then up one screen and use the Tune of Currents. In the Present, enter the cave where Moblin Keep was. Inside the cave, equip your Roc's Feather and Seed Satchel (w/ Pegasus Seeds).

Use the Pegasus Seeds and jump across the platforms until you reach the right side of the room and exit. On the next screen, jump across the platforms and head to the lower-right of the room. Exit the cave. Head left one screen and use the Crown Key on the keyhole. Enter Crown Dungeon.

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