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After exiting the Crown Dungeon, a Goron will appear, telling you that a new cave has been opened, allowing access to the Eastern half of Rolling Ridge. Head right one screen and enter the cave on the right. Traverse the narrow path and go down the staircase on the next screen. Move the blocks out of the way in the next room, and exit the cave. Head right one screen then up another. Enter the cave.

Go down the staircase. Step on the switch to extend the bridge, then head left once screen. Exit the cave. Back outside, head down two screens, then right another two. Burn the tree with some Ember Seeds, then head downstairs. DON'T talk to the old man ! If you've played Seasons, then you know why. Exit the room and head up one screen. Enter the cave on the left for some Fairies, then enter the cave on the right.

Go up one screen and speak with the Blue Goron. It's time for Goron Goron Revolution (I bet no one will catch that joke) ! This "dancing" game of sorts is similar to the Subrosian Dancing Mini-Game in Seasons, but requires more timing and a better ear. Rhythm is key to playing Goron Dancing. You must follow the Goron's movements, but more importantly, you must keep the same rhythm.

Press B to Move and A to Pose. When the Blue Goron raises his hand and opens his mouth, he is Posing. Whenever he looks left or right or sits down, he is Moving. You can distinguish between the two based on the sound that each one makes. For that reason, I think it's best to close your eyes and simply listen to the sounds. After the Blue Goron is finished, a chime will sound, and you must repeat the Goron's moves.

HOWEVER, you must follow the same rhythm ! If there was a pause in between the moves, you must also pause. ALSO, do not begin before the chime ! Keep practicing and you'll get the rhythm down eventually. You are allowed a maximum of 2 misses. Miss a 3rd time and the game's over. There are 8 "dances" total, and you must get at least 6 to win.

After beating the Goron Dancing Mini-Game, you'll receive the Brother Emblem (You can also receive the Brother Emblem from the Past Dancing Game if you go there first).

Go down one screen and speak to the Goron blocking the stairs. Show him the Brother Emblem and he will move. DO NOT go up the stairs just yet. Exit the cave. Head left one screen. Slash the bush to reveal a Time Portal. Activate it and journey to the Past. in the Past, head right one screen then down one.

Burn the tree and go down the stairs. Speak with the old man to receive 200 Rupees. Head back outside and go up one screen. Enter the cave. Speak with the Goron blocking the stairs and show him the Brother Emblem and he will move. Head up the stairs. Use Pegasus Seeds and the Roc's Feather to jump across the gaps and head left one screen. Jump across the gaps and go up the stairs. Use you Switch Hook on the bushes on the right. Open the Chest for 100 Rupees. Exit the cave.

Head down one screen. Kill the Tektites and use your Switch Hook on the Plant until you get it to the light soil below the ledge. Use your Harp of Ages, Tune of Currents to return to the Present. Climb up the vines to the next screen, then head right one screen. Lift the rocks to uncover a Time Portal, then enter the cave. Time for Fun Minecart Rifle Range (that's what the sign outside says) !

Speak to the Goron on the left and play the game. Hop into the Minecart, and use your Seed Shooter to shoot at the Giant Blue Rupees There are 12 in all, and you must hit all 12 for the grand prize, a Rock Brisket/Sirloin (You can play again for the Boomerang).

Exit the Rifle Range. Activate the Time Portal and go to the Past. Enter the cave to the Goron's Target Aim Mini-Game.

Speak with the Goron and play the game. If you haven't played the game in Lynna Village, the goal of the game is to score points by batting balls at targets. Gray Stones are worth 30 Points, Purple Angel Stones are worth -10, Gray Statues are 100, and Purple Devil Statues are -50. If you miss the ball entirely, you get -50. Your goal is to get a certain amount of points (I think it's 200) to win the Lava Juice.

Once you win the Lava Juice, play again and get 400 points to win yourself a Boomerang if you didn't get it in the Target Carts mini-game. Exit the Target Aim Cave. Jump off the ledge. Go inside the cave for a Great Fairy, then exit and jump off the ledge. Use the Harp of Ages to return to the Present. Back in the Present, enter the Goron Dancing Cave and speak to the Goron next to the stairs.

Give him the Rock Sirloin for a Goron Vase. Exit the cave and return to the Past. Go to the Goron Dancing Mini-Game in the Past and speak with the Goron near the stairs. Trade him the Goron Vase for some Goronade. Exit and return to the Present. In the Present, enter the Goron Dancing Cave and go up the stairs. Get out your Switch Hook and use it to get across the gaps.

Head left to the next screen. Cross the upper gap and head back right one screen. Open the Chest for 10 Bombs, then head back left. Go up the stairs. Jump off the ledge and head up the staircase on the right. Next, head up one screen and give the Goron the Goronade. Now you can play the Bomb Game for the Old Mermaid Key. Equip your Roc's Feather and Pegasus Seeds.

Use them as soon as the game begins and just keep running and jumping around the room. Your goal is to avoid all Bomb explosions. Not too hard with the Pegasus Seeds. You'll win the Old Mermaid Key.

After you get the Key, exit down. Head up the stairs on the right. Jump to the right off the ledge and open the Chest for a Gasha Seed. Exit the cave. Head left one screen and enter the cave.

Proceed through the cave and go back down to Rolling Ridge Base. Return to the Time Portal near the entrance to Mermaid's Cave (one screen left of the Goron Dancing Game Cave) and use it to return to the Past. In the Past, head left one screen, then up one. Enter the cave. Bomb the cracked blocks and open the Chest for a Gasha Seed. Next, head right one screen and use your Switch Hook on the Diamonds.

Be careful of the Hardhat Beetles and switch with the Diamonds near the bottom of the room and open the Chest for 50 Rupees. Switch back across the gap and go up the stairs. Exit the cave. Go right one screen and Bomb the wall. Enter the cave, open the chest for 100 Rupees, and head back outside.

Cut down the bushes and use the Tune of Current to return to the Present (make sure you're on the right side of the mountain). Pick up the Piece of Heart and return to the Past. Head left one screen, then down once. Jump off the ledge. Enter the cave and speak with the lone Goron (who claims to know the Graceful Goron) and give him the Lava Juice to receive the Letter of Introduction (ONLY if you already have the Old Mermaid Key !).

Go down the staircase and proceed through the cave to return to the Goron Dancing Game. Go up to the Dance Hall and speak to the Red Graceful Goron. Beat the Mini-Game one more time (the difficulty is equal to about Bronze-Silver) to win the Mermaid Key.


Alrighty, it's (finally) time to get that Lonely Peak, so exit the Dance Hall and head left one screen. Swim through the waterfall and use the Mermaid Key to enter Level 6, Mermaid's Cave (Past). The Old Mermaid Key will be used later to open Mermaid's Cave (Present).

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