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Note :

Now that you have the Mermaid Suit, it's possible to collect the Level 2 Shield, the Iron Shield ! Check the Side-quests section for more info !

Exit Mermaid's Cave and use a Gale Seed to warp to the Ember Seed Tree in Lynna Village. Head to the entrance of Ambi's Palace, where you'll find Ralph. After a brief conversation, he'll rush in, which is your cue to do the same. Head up two screens. Head left and get some Scent Seeds, which may be useful. Now go down one screen and get your Solid Snake skills ready. Quickly step on the Switch in the bottom right corner, making sure the Guards do not see you.

Go up two screens and step on the Switch there. Head right two screens and once again step on the Switch. Finally, head down two screens and step on the final switch. If the Guards catch you, you'll be thrown out of the Palace, but your progress won't be reset. Once all the Ambi Statues are out of the way, head up one screen from the lower-right Switch and cut down the Bushes. Head down the stairs.

Head right and dive down the water. Head left two screens (avoid the Whirlpools like you would a plague !) and resurface at the lower-left corner. Go up the stairs. Welcome to the interior of Ambi's Palace. If the Guards INSIDE the Palace spot you, they will attack you. Just slash them a couple of times to make them run away. Push the lower-left block down and exit to the right.

Wait for the Guards to pass, then exit down to end up back outside (do this just to clear the space on your Map). Head back inside, avoid the Guards, and go up one screen. Sneak around the room and open the Chest for a Ring. Head down one room and left another two. Wait for the Guards to pass, then head down to end up back outside (to clear the space). Head back inside, avoid the Guards, and head up one screen to find some Fairies.

Head back down and go up the stairs. Go right two rooms and prepare for the battle. When ready, head up and face Nayru (Veran) !

Actually an extremely easy battle, though first-timers will have a rough time ! Equip your Mystery Seeds (Seed Shooter recommended) and shoot them at Nayru. This will cause her to fall asleep, while Veran while leave the body temporarily. Immediately use the Switch Hook on the Shadow, and slash away ! 3 hits is all it takes !

After the battle, Queen Ambi will rush in to see what happened. Of course, Veran has yet to be beaten, and will come back and inhabit the beautiful Queen's body ! The Guards will rush in, and Ambi will command them to capture you.

Ralph also appears. The Guards surround the brave trio, but before they come too near, Nayru transports them back to the Present at the Maku Tree. Now that Nayru's back safe and sound, everything returns to normal. However, Veran remains in the Past, in control of Ambi, and that certainly can't be a good thing... A Shrouded Figure with a Staff appears, speaks, and disappears as fast as he had come. The Maku Tree looks worried...

Nayru teaches you the Tune of Ages, which allows you to warp to the Past anywhere from the Present and vice versa.

With Tune of Ages in tow, it's time to get the remaining Essences of Time... Now that you have the Mermaid Suit, I'd suggest swimming around, clearing any spaces you can on your Map.

Note :

If you don't want to be troubled later on, make sure to buy some Magic Potion from Witch Syrup in Yoll Graveyard NOW ! The cost is 300 Rupees. Otherwise, swipe some for free from Maple if you're lucky, or hope your Gasha Nuts have them.

Note :

Avoid any "Poison Bubbles" found within the next few areas ! They hurt !

When ready, head to the screen one screen left and three screens below the Ember Seed Tree in Lynna City.

Swim off the port and go left once, down twice, and left once more. Swim up the steps, and when you're on dry land, use the Tune of Ages (use it right in front of the doorway or else you'll warp into a wall). Once in the Past, go into the water and swim left two screens. Go up the steps and up one screen. On dry land, play the Tune of Ages. Back in the Present, dive down and swim right one screen.

Next, use the Switch Hook on the Diamond and resurface. Go to the dry land and play the Tune of Ages. Swim left two screens and down once. Go up the steps and play the Tune of Ages (stay at the top part of the small island). Almost there ! Dive down, then head down one screen. Use the Switch Hook on the Diamond and swim left one screen. Welcome to the Zoras' happy home !

However, they're not quite so happy at the moment, because they have no King to rule them ! Those Poison Bubbles that surround all of Zora Village and Zora Sea aren't helping much either. Perhaps our hero can do something about it ? Don't resurface just yet. First we'll explore Zora Village. Swim around and talk to the villagers, and when you're ready, head back to the first screen of Zora Village.

Swim up one screen and surface. Take some Gale Seed from the tree, and use the Tune of Ages to travel back to the Past. In the Past, dive down and head up two screens. Enter King Zora's Palace. Swim up and go up the staircase. Speak with King Zora, who happens to be rather sickly. Give him the Magic Potion to make him all good and better so that he'll appear in the Present. Exit the Palace and return to the Present.

Note :

If you didn't get the Magic Potion, you can use the Gale Seeds to warp out of Zora Village !

Go back to the Palace in the Present and speak with the still-alive King Zora (these guys live a long time, don't they ?). He'll give you the Library Key in gratitude for saving his life.

Also, open the Chest on the first floor for a Giganto Red Rupee worth 200 Rupees! Exit the Palace and head right three screens, then surface. Climb up the steps to dry land and play the Tune of Ages. In the Past, head right one screen and use the Library Key on the keyhole. Head left one screen and use the Switch Hook on the Diamond. Head left and enter the cave.

Speak with the Octorok, who happens to really be a Fairy. It turns out that Veran turned her into an Octorok to prevent her from using her magic to rid the seas of the Poison Bubbles. Now she needs some Fairy Powder to restore her. That said, exit the cave and return to the Present. In the Present, hop off the ledge and head right two screens. Enter the Library. Many people visit the Library, despite the fact that the door always seems to be locked...

Head up one room and speak with the Wise Man. He will give you the Sealed Book (only if you talked to the Octo-Fairy).

Return to the Past. Enter the Library in the Past. Head up one room and place the Sealed Book on the pedestal. Here comes the tough part. You must follow the steps given to you by the book to reach the next book.

If you do not follow the steps correctly, you'll fall off and have to start over. Once you open the next book, the previous book will close. The easiest way to solve this puzzle is to use your Cane of Somaria. Create blocks and push them around to see where there is or isn't a floor. The steps are random (I think), so I can't help you much with that. Once you reach the Wise Man, speak with him to get the Fairy Powder. He'll warp you back to the first room. Exit the Library, head left one screen, use the Switch Hook, and head left again. Speak with Octo-Fairy and give her the Fairy Powder.

With her body restored, the Great Fairy will spread her magic across the seas, making the Poison Bubbles fade. With the Poison Bubbles gone, it's now easier to navigate the areas. At this point I'd suggest exploring the rest of Zora Sea (getting the Treasure Chests, etc.) and returning to Syrup to restock on Magic Potion. Return to the Present and speak with King Zora.

The Zoras are grateful to you for helping them. King Zora will tell you to meet Lord Jabu Jabu. Exit the Palace and swim down one screen, left once, and up twice. Lord Jabu Jabu will open his mouth, allowing you access to Level 7 - Jabu Jabu's Belly.


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