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The Black Tower has risen, and Veran grows closer to achieving her ultimate goal. The last Essence is in sight ! Rescue Ambi, help the Maku Tree to grow, and save all of time itself ! Don't let Veran get away with what she did to those poor bunnies !

Note :

The Long Hook allows you to reach various treasures that could not be reached with the Level 1 Switch Hook. It's recommended that you explore the world and get any such treasures.

After exiting Jabu Jabu, a Zora will appear and give you a Zora Scale. You can show this to the Zora blocking the way in Storm Sea to remove him. Return to the Past. Head to the first screen of Zora Village. From there, swim right five screens and dive down. Show the Zora the Zora Scale and he will move. (NOTE: If you are a playing a Password Game, this part will change !

Make sure to check the Password Changes sub-section of the Link System section.). Swim past where he was and surface. Swim around Storm Sea (and dive down and collect the Ring from the Chest in the cave) until you see a Pirate Ship. Swim to it and enter. Speak with the Skull Pirates, then speak with the Ship's Captain. Give him the Zora Scale and he will give you the Tokay Eyeball.

The Skull Pirates will drop you off at the shore. With Tokay Eyeball in tow, journey to the Tokay Statue located on Crescent Island in the Past.

Place the Tokay Eye inside and enter the mouth. Defeat the Gibdos to open the door and exit through it. In the next room, break the Pots and run like heck from the Traps. Exit right. Try to kill the Bats first. Next, use a Block made with the Cane of Somaria to navigate across the room.

Head down the stairs at the top of the room. Jump into the water and climb up the ladders to exit. The Sea of No Return is where you shall emerge. Resurface, then push the middle Armos Statue left. Head up to enter, well, the Sea of No Return Obviously this part isn't a sea, but I didn't make up the names. Be careful of the Darknuts and Lyonels in this area. Head up, left, then down.

Use the upper-left path to go up, then go up another screen. Now head right twice, down, left, right (using the lower-right path), down, up (using the upper-right path), up again, and left once. Enter the Ancient Tomb.

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