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have passed since the August 21st, 2000.

You now have all the Essences of Time in your possession, which means that the Maku Tree is fully grown ! Return to her in the Present to receive the Maku Seed.

It's suggested that you complete any loose ends before attempting the final dungeon. Check the Side-Quests section for various Side-Quests, and look below for other things to do. After you exit the Ancient Tomb, lift the Blue Genie Statues around the Sea of No Return to find a Chest with a Blue Ring in it. Return to CI in the Past. Enter the cave in the lower-right corner.

Use the Switch Hook to reach the Chest. Open it for a Level 2 Power Ring. Enter an underwater cave in Zora Sea (Past). Use the Switch Hook on the Diamond, then swim to the Chest and open it to get a Sage Ring, Green. Return to Mayor Plen's house and use the Switch Hook to reach the Chest. Open it for a Peace Ring, Green. There's plenty more left to do.

That stuff will be coming soon. The Black Tower is not ordinarily a mapped dungeon, so I won't be able to provide maps. Any who, enter The Black Tower in the Past. Ahh, The Black Tower.


If you didn't notice, you could have entered this place right after rescuing Nayru, but that would've been a mistake ;) Make sure you buy some Magic Potion, because the upcoming battles will be tough !

A) In the first room, exit right.
B) Be careful of the hidden Zol in this room and exit up.
C) Octoroks inhabit the next room. Simply avoid them and exit left.
D) Ropes are rulers of this room. Kill them and exit left.
E) Defeat the Tektites here and exit down.
F) Kill the Pig Warriors and go up the stairs.


A) 2 Shrouded Stalfos are in the first room. Defeat them and head up one room.
B) A lone Beamos has its eye on you. Avoid him and exit right.
C) Gibdos are generally not worth the trouble, so avoid them and exit right.
D) You can't afford to have your Shield stolen now, so beat the Like-Likes quickly and exit down.
E) Defeat the Darknuts and go up the stairs.


A) More Darknuts. You know what to do. Exit up.
B) Again, more Darknuts. Kill them and head left.
C) Just 2 Wizzrobes. It's easiest just to avoid them and exit left.
D) Darknuts again. Slash them and head down.
E) Wizzrobes again. Exit right.
F) If you came here before and tried to enter one of the three doors, you'll notice you'll always end up back in the same room. Well, with the power of the Maku Fruit and the Essences of time, the illusion will be dispelled revealing the true door.



Go through and face your destiny !

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