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After being plucked from Hyrule by the Triforce, Link finds himself in the distant land of Labrynna. After saving Impa from marauding monsters, Link learns about Nayru, the Oracle of Ages, and embarks on a new adventure. His courage may be enough to save Time itself.


Maple is an apprentice witch to her grandmother. She often sneaks away from training and flies around on the magic broom she recently learned to ride. Occasionally, she unexpectedly flies down and crashes into Link. Curse as she knocks away your hard-earned hearts and rupees, but rejoice as you "borrow" her Rings and Magic Potions ;) Perhaps one day she'll trade in her broom for something a little more hi-tech. Syrup, her grandmother, wants her to find a book of sadness for her.

Bipin and Blossom

Bipin is a famed tree planter who grows Gasha Seeds, and freely offers information about them to curious travellers. Blossom is his wife. Together they have a young child who is full of promise. What kind of man will this child grow up to be? This lovely couple inhabits houses in both Labrynna and Holodrum. They have a newborn baby, which, for some strange reason, you can name for them. Talk about lazy parenting :) If you help them raise their child, they'll give you tips on Gasha gardening.


Dipin is what I named Bipin and Blossom's son, though you're free to name him anything else. He's a rather shy kid that will initially stay away from strangers. It's actually interesting to watch him grow up. When he's all grown up, he'll be just like his father. Of course, your decisions could cause him to grow up in a different way... In my latest game, I've named him Zipin.


As the Oracle of Ages, Nayru wields power over the currents of time in Labrynna. She is a wise and serene young woman who spends her days singing songs and wishing for peace. Nayru's wisdom rids the world of sorrow. Little does she know the Sorceress of Shadows covets her powers...


The Royal Princess of Hyrule is a symbol of the people's hope. Her vivid dreams allow her to predict when something evil is about to happen in the world. Her crest of wisdom and symbol of hope free the world from despair.


Veran, who has disrupted the flow of time in Labrynna, is the Sorceress of Shadows, and is able to possess the bodies of others and force them to do her biding. Her plan is to control time from the past to fulfil her hidden desires. An "Age of Shadows" full of sorrow is her goal, but does she have even more hidden motives ?

Queen Ambi

Ambi is a Labrynnian queen from the distant past. She's been building Ambi's Tower, but recently the villagers have begun to call it the Black Tower. Something has changed the queen's once kind nature, but just what remains a mystery... She still searches for her lost love, who sailed away from her heart. Ambi's Tower was constructed to search for him, but has since become a tower of darkness.

Maku Tree / Maku Sprout

This giant tree is Labrynna's guardian. Link is able to earn her favor by helping her in the distant past-when she was but a young sprout. She remains forever grateful for Link's help, and wants him to one day fulfil his "promise." You must gather the Essences of Time to help her regain her power and help you defeat the evil Veran.


As royal nurse, Impa has cared for Hyrule's Princess Zelda since her birth. Link rescues her from an attack of roving beasts, but something about her doesn't seem right... (Note: As D3ADRAV3N has pointed out, they colored in Impa's... "chest." That's censorship for ya.)


Farore is the third Oracle who links Holodrum, the world of the sorceress Din, with Labrynna, the world of the sorceress Nayru. Unlike the other two goddesses, she's stuck with desk work in both worlds, residing inside the Maku Trees. The Oracle of Secrets, she will help your Secrets come to life.


Ralph is Nayru's hot-tempered childhood friend. His hastiness and lack of focus can sometimes lead to trouble. Having seen his dear Nayru taken from before his very eyes, Ralph is determined to rescue her. He often helps Link on his own quest.

Veran (Nayru)

Early on in Link's quest, Veran will inhabit the body of Nayru. In addition to collecting the Essences of Time, you must fight to free Nayru from Veran's grasp.


This boxing glove-wearing Kangaroo will aid Link on his quest once you've found his lost glove. He has the power to jump high and create powerful tornadoes.

Shop Keeper

Unfortunately, you can no longer steal from the shops. Still the Shop Keeper offers a variety of items, including Hearts, Shield, Bombs, and... a Flute ?


An import from Majora's Mask, Tingle makes his residence near Lynna City. Perhaps his cartography skills will come in handy ?


The only jeweler in the world of Labrynna, he appraises the secret powers of rings made from magical seeds. Vasu also has two pet snakes.


This winged Polar Bear will help Link cross large gaps. However, don't bring him near water, cause this polar bear can't swim !

Zora Race

This sea-dwelling race, well, dwells in the sea. Their King is currently sick, but perhaps some special potion will make him better. You can find them in the Zora Village.


Mister horse man, as I like to call him. He is the inventor of Lynna Village and hopes one day to invent water-proof items.

Subrosian Race

This race usually inhabits the Underworld of Holodrum, but after Link's adventure in Holodrum they will flock to Rolling Ridge. Even Rosa makes an appearance ! Like the Gorons, they love to dance dance !

Witch Syrup

This resourceful witch sells a variety of rare (and expensive!) items, including Gasha Seeds and the always useful Magic Potion. After getting her a special item, she'll start producing that prized medicine. However, her inventory may increase under certain conditions...

Great Moblin

Commanding Forts in both Holodrum and Labrynna, this Moblin's work is never done. The Great Moblin has begun to harass the Gorons with the hope of getting a monopoly on their prized Bomb Flowers. Bombs are his specialty, as well as his downfall ?

Skull Pirates

They sail the seas (well, maybe they don't...) in both Labrynna and Holodrum. They're very willing to help you on your journey. For some reason, they may be connected to royalty...


This friendly Dodongo is a very useful pet. Able to eat the most dangerous of enemies, Dimitri may move slow on land, but his sea navigation is unmatched !

Goron Race

A very care-free race which live in Rolling Ridge. They are led by the Elder Goron and are infatuated with dancing. All sorts of Mini-games are the current fad for these rock-loving creatures.

Tokay Race

These reptilians live on Crescent Moon Island. A friendly bunch, though your first encounter will make you think differently.


Expert raft-maker, he will (obviously) help you build a raft to navigate the rough seas. However, you need some rope... Oh yes, if anyone's seen his artwork, he's far more buff than his sprite suggests. After he makes a raft, he plans on entering a boating contest, but needs a really good Oar.

Forest Fairy

These cute little fairies are quite different than the usual variety. They are a playful creature, though you won't like their first game. They make their home in the aptly named Fairies' Woods.

Mayor Plen

Mayor of Lynna City. Not much else to say about him.

Thuber and Friend

These two hang out with each other in Lynna City. Thuber, though never named in the English version, is Lynna City's own comedian. However, his jokes are becoming old, and he needs some fresh material.

The Hand

Always in the Toilet, the Hand requires something to wipe with...


A Flying Demon, Vire will haunt Link in Labrynna and Holodrum, as well as imprison an old friend...


He helped raise Queen Ambi, but is now old in the Past. As with other Labrynnians, he wonders what has changed the once kind Queen.

Mamamu Yan

A lover of dogs. When her dog goes missing, you must find it. Also, her dog is a bit shy. Perhaps something can hide its face ?

Happy Mask Salesman

Another import from Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time. He's really hungry !


A musician. He lives high atop (or is it below?) Talus Peaks. He is searching for a tune that will help him complete his own time-travelling tune.


A dark little boy. Always depressed, maybe Link can cheer him up ?


A famous animal scholar. He'll always have advice on how to slay Labrynna's monster population, as well as rumors of 3 helpful pets.


Always in a rush, the Postman should be familiar to Zelda players. However, he has no way to tell what time it is.


This repair man can repair any broken object. However, you must perform a special tra-- err, ceremony.


A Gasha Gardener. Presumably ancestor of Bipin.


This lonely ghost wishes to move on to the after-life. Perhaps our hero can help him ?

Tokay Chef

The Tokays' island chef has a stuffy nose. Something really stinky may clear his sinuses.

Thin Man

This resident of Symmetry Village wants to bulk up, but only has enough training equipment for one arm.

Old Zora

Living far away from his hometown, this Ancient Zora longs for the sounds of the sea.

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