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This section is for players who finish the game from Oracle of Seasons to Oracle of Ages.

Head up. The eyes of all the statues will spin around then stop. Exit in the one direction that none of them are looking at. After doing this 7 or so times, you will end up in the next room.

Head up. Walk up to Zelda. Suddenly the screen will go wavy and you will find yourself in the basement with Koume and Kotake. Now the battle begins...

These cold hearted and hot tempered witches are the "penulitimate" bosses. They are the masterminds behind Ganon's resurrection. With the flame of destruction and the flame of sorrow lit, all they need is the flame of despair to complete their task.


Koume & Kotake : Avoid them and hit their elemental balls back at the other witch with your sword. In other words, hit Kotake's Ice Balls at Koume and Koume's Fire Balls at Kotake. This can be extremely hard. If you have the Mirror Shield, you can absorb their attacks, but can't deflect them like you could in Ocarina of Time. Only the Sword can deflect shots, so make sure you get some practice in the Ages Target Practice Mini-Game. From my count, it only takes about 3-4 hits to bring the sisters down.


Twinrova : When she is Firerova, avoid the Lava. When she is Icerova just avoid the bouncing Ice Crystals and hit the Ice Balls she throws with your sword. To kill her, slash her with your Sword (try to do Spin Attacks as often as you can) and when she reverts to Twinrova, shoot Seeds with your Seed Shooter depending on the background. If the background is Fire, use Mystery Seeds. If it's Ice, use Ember Seeds. However, Scent Seeds can be used against either form, and evidently defeat her faster. When hitting Firerova, you'll be forced back, often into the lava. If you want, equip the Steadfast Ring to prevent this from happening. The Snowshoe ring is great to prevent slipping against Icerova.

Note :

First, if you're using the Master Sword, put Roc's Feather on the other slot in case you need to do an emergency jump. Stand under where Twinrova will appear and charge your sword, facing sideways so that you won't waste the charge. During the switch of terrain, let go of the button so that your charge attack starts immediately. You'll knock her into switching again, so quickly resume the stance you had previously and charge the sword again. Then release the button when the switch is in progress. After that, rinse and repeat until she's done.

After beating both forms of Koume and Kotake they will sacrifice their bodies and the Great Evil King, Ganon, will be resurrected.

The "ultimate final boss" in the Oracles series. One big ugly Gerudo pig ! The flames of destruction and sorrow burn bright, but it will take a complete sacrifice of Princess Zelda to light the flame of despair and resurrect Ganon to his former self. For now, you will fight a mad, empty shadow of the Evil King !

Ganon is one tough cookie. He teleports all over the place unleashing random attacks. Avoid all his attacks and keep charging your Sword. When he appears, unleash a Spin Attack. I find it useful to equip the Roc's Feather/Cape and just keep jumping over attacks and releasing your own once you're near. When the screen turns blue, your controls will be reversed. Get used to it, because this is actually the best time to strike Ganon ! Having the Noble Sword will make this fight easier, but legend says the Master Sword is capable of hitting the giant beast without the need of charging up ! Note that the Biggoron's Sword will not affect Ganon, and the best way to defeat him is to use the Master Sword and equip the Red Ring.

After you kill the Evil King, head up the stairs in the bottom right corner of the room. Back upstairs, talk to the unconscious Zelda.

Enjoy the *real* ending !

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