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Welcome to your first real dungeon. Not very hard, but then again, it's only the first dungeon. Head right to the next room. The door will close behind you. Kill the 3 Red Gels to open the doors. Head right and push the block in the middle to the left or right to clear the path. Head up to the next room. Push the Cube up 3 times to open the door

If you wish, head left and go up those steps to return to G-4 to get the Dungeon Map.

Once you're done doing that, return to the Cube room (and redo the puzzle if it resetted). Head through the door on the right. Kill the 2 Stalfos then head up to the next room. Kill the Ghini in the room to open the doors and receive a Small Key. Exit through the left door. Go to the middle of the room and push the block there to the left. If you want the Compass, head up through the door, then back down and push the block down to get to the Chest.

See those vines to the left of the Chest ? Burn 'em down, then enter the door. Cut down the rock formations with your sword. Kill the Snakes, then step on the switch to make a Chest appear. Open the Chest to get a Ring. Head out through the right exit. Push the block to the right, then exit the room through the upper exit. Push the block nearest to you up. Follow the path and open the Chest for a Small Key. Exit to the left of the room. Push the bottom-most block to the left, then push the block above it up. Follow the path and exit through the right exit. Follow the path and exit thought the upper exit. You'll see blocks arranged in the following pattern :

4    5
2 1 3
##         ##

<-  Illustration


Push 1 up, 2 to the left, 3 right, and both 4 & 5 up.

<-  Result

Head right and step on the switch to make a moving platform appear. Head left and step on the switch there to make a Chest appear. Walk on the moving platform and open the Chest to get a Small Key, then return back. Exit up. Go to the left and move onto the moving platform. When it brings you up, step off to the right and push the block there to the right. Head to the upper right of the room and step on the switch. Open the Chest that appears for a Gasha Seed. Head to the upper left of the room and jump down to the moving platform. Exit left. Cut down the bushes and use the Small Key on the bottom door. Exit through it. Defeat the Giant Ghini.

Use your sword to defeat the 3 Mini-Ghini surrounding the big one, then slash at the Giant Ghini. The Mini-Ghini can't actually hurt you, but they will slow you down so the Giant Ghini can charge you. 6 hits will kill it.

After you defeat him, exit to the left. Kill the 2 Moblins, then open the door on the bottom. Head down and push the blocks on the upper-left and upper-right down, then push the block in the middle to the right. Exit below. Kill the 4 Stalfos, then head to the upper-right exit. Kill the 2 Stalfos, then light the 2 lamps to make a staircase appear. Head down the stairs. Climb down the ladder, head right, climb up the ladder there, and head left for the Power Bracelet.

Exit the tunnel, then head down one screen. Equip the Power Bracelet and lift the pots on the bottom-left of the room. Open the Chest for a Ring. Head down to the next room. Push the Pot onto the switch (a new feature in the Oracles games that you'll be using a lot). Head right to the next room. Lift the pots, kill the Stalfos, and open the Chest for the Boss Key. Exit the room through the right exit. Enter the Portal to end up in D-2. Exit up. Exit through the upper exit. Head to the right of the room and open the door with the Boss Key.

Go through the door. Also, be careful of the Wall Master that appears in this room. If it grabs you, you'll be returned to the dungeon entrance. Get ready to face the Pumpkin Head boss.

Equip your Sword and Power Bracelet. Use your sword and hit him 4 times. The body will disappear and only the head will be left. Pick the head up, then throw it at the Mini-Ghost. Do this 2 times to defeat it.

When you defeat him, pick up the Heart Container and exit above. Go up and pick up the Eternal Spirit. Even after life ends, it speaks across time to the heart.

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