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Pick up some of the pots to replenish your supply of Hearts and Ember Seeds. When you're done, head up. Have your Shield equipped. When the Spiked Beetles charge at you, raise your Shield and they'll turn over. Hit them with your Sword when they're on their backs to kill them. Head through the left exit. Head left and go up the stairs.

This Cube puzzle can be a little tricky, so pay attention. Push the Cube down twice, right three times, up three times, left once, then down once. Push it left six times to complete the puzzle. Exit through the upper exit. Push the right block up, then head right and go down the stairs. Kill the Snake Ropes, then exit up. Head left. Head to the left exit, and make sure to be careful of the Sparks and Green Gels on the way. Kill all of the enemies (2 Keese and 2 Pig Warriors w/ Swords) in the room for a Small Key, then return back. Go down and head up the steps. Blow up the right wall with a Bomb and go through. Open the Chest for the Dungeon Map,

Then exit the way you came in. Head left, push the blocks out of the way, and exit down. Head down, then exit through the right. Kill the Spiked Beetles again if you wish. Otherwise, open the door on the right with your Small Key. Kill the Snakes in the room, or else they'll charge at you and cause you to fill through the pits. Push the block to the right and open the Chest for the Compass.

Blow up the cracked wall on the bottom wall and go through. Kill the enemies (2 Red Gels and 2 Pig Warriors w/ Arrows), then go down the stairs. Climb down a little on the ladders, then climb to the right and jump off. Be careful of the Keese here, too. Wait for the moving platform to come, then walk onto it. Walk off, then head right to the next screen. Head right onto the moving platform.

Walk off of it, then walk a little to the right to trigger the Spiked Thwomp. Immediately walk back left, then head right when the Spiked Thwomp goes back up. Go onto the moving platform, wait for it to bring you up, and climb up the ladder. Kill the Snakes in the room to make a Chest appear. Open it for a Small Key, then go back down the stairs. Get past the Spiked Thwomp and moving platforms again.

Go up the ladder at the upper-left. Exit up. Push the block to the right, then head up through the upper exit. Kill the Pig Warriors w/ Swords, then open the door with the Small Key. Head onto the Minecart (somebody please tell Nintendo minecarts are no longer original ! ). Use your sword to kill any enemies in your way. After the Minecart stops, exit up. Oohh, a hard Guardian, this is !

Darn, this one can be hard. Wait in one placefor a while until Swoop starts flapping his wings really fast. When he does, immediately move out of the way before he crushes you !. When he comes down, hit him with your Sword. The attack will leave a hole in the floor- don't fall through ! Repeat this pattern 5 more times. After 6 hits or so, he'll start bouncing around 2-3 times after he comes down. Walk away from him until hebounces 3 times before you try hitting him. 10 hits total will do himin.

Note :

If you standing on the Blue Tiles bordering the room will make the battle even easier because he can't make them fall down !

To get back, head right into the next room, then go up the stairs. Head left to face Swoop again. After you beat him, head through the upper-right exit. Head down the stairs.

Head to the bottom exit. Equip your Shield to deflect the arrows from the Shrouded Stalfos. Head to the right exit. Kill the 2 Shrouded Stalfos, then head up the stairs. Climb up the ladder, then walk to the right. Trigger the Spiked Thwomp, then get out of its way. As it resets, head right past it and go to the next screen. Pick up the Roc's Feather, then head back left.

Equip the Roc's Feather and jump up to the left. Wait for the Spiked Thwomp to come down, then hop on its back. After it brings you up, jump to the left and collect the Giant Blue Rupee. Fall down to the left and climb down the ladder.  Head to the right of the Yellow Floor tile and jump over it. For example :


The Y is the Yellow Floor Tile, while the ampersands are the cracked floors (which, by the way, you shouldn't stand on too long or else they'll fall down). Stand on the right ampersand, then jump to the left so that you'll land on the left ampersand. You'll notice that the Tile will change to Blue. Jump over the tile again to turn it Red-- the color of the block on the left.

This will open the door on the right. Jump across the platforms (be careful of the Keese) until you reach the Minecart. Hop onto it. After the Minecart takes you to the next room, face downwards and hit the switch with your sword to change the tracks. Otherwise you'll end up back in the previous room. Hop off the Minecart and use a Bomb to blow up the cracked wall on the right.

Head through the opening. Kill the 2 Sword Stalfos and 2 Keese to make a Chest appear. Open the Chest for a Small Key, then exit the room. Push the Cube left twice, up once, right three times, up again, left, up, right, down, and left once more. There are other ways to complete this puzzle. Once that's done, head to the Minecart and hop on it. Be careful of the Peahats (those whirling, flying plants) in the room.

Equip the Rock's Feather, then jump over the floor tiles until they match the blocks on the left. Just jump over the left two once and the right two twice. Pick up the Small Key, then exit through the left. Go up the stairs. Head left, and take the bottom-right exit there to end back up. Exit down. Jump across the platforms until you reach the Floor Tile. Jump over it until it turns Blue.

Exit the room the way you came. Head left. Take the upper-right exit in that room to end back up. Clear the block with your Small Key, then jump onto the Minecart. Once the Minecart stops, head right and jump across the pit. Open the Chest for a Gasha Seed. Jump back up, then take the upper exit. It'd be a good idea to kill the 2 Pig Warriors and 2 Peahats first.

After you do, equip your Power Bracelet and Roc's Feather. Pick up all the Pots except the upper-right one. Push the Pot up 5 times, then head left and jump over the pit. Push it right 3 times, then jump over the pit and push the Pot down twice. Head back to the left and jump over the pit. Push the Pot to the right three times to open the door. Head down to the next screen.

Kill the 2 Pig Warriors, and get ready for puzzly goodness. Jump over the Tile once to make it Yellow. Go to the right and push the Yellow Statue left twice. Hop over the Tile again to make it Blue, then push the Blue Statues onto the spaces above, below, and to the left and right of the Yellow Statue. Jump over the Tile again to make it Red, and push the Red Statues onto the four corners.

Voila ! The statues will now be in the same pattern as the ones on the left, and a Small Key will fall down. Pick up the key, then head up to the next screen. Open the door on the upper-right of the room and enter it.

Your objective in this room is to kill all the Mini-Gels. To do this, you must hit them when they're a different color from the floor. Jump over the Tile repeatedly to change the color and make the Mini-Gels visible. Defeat them all to make a Chest appear. Open it for the Boss Key, then exit the room.

Go to the upper-left of the room and open the door with your Small Key. Defeat the Keese and avoid the Sparks as you make your way through the room. Open the door with your Boss Key. Break the Pots for some extra supplies (e. g., Bombs, which you'll really need). Go up the stairs to face the Head Thwomp.

Equip your Bombs and Roc's Feather, and get ready for a heckuva battle ! Climb up the ladders on either side of the room. Use a Bomb, and throw it at the Head Thomp as you move. Time your throw so that it'll land inside when it's Red. It'll spin for a while, then finally stop at a color. If it's Red, it'll drop a heart and be hurt, then it'll start spinning again. Hit him 4 times when he's Red to defeat him.

Also, you can try throwing the Bombs while you're on one of the moving platforms, but it's easiest and safest to throw them from one of the ledges.

Every once in a while, it'll toss out some Bombs so you can replenish your supply.

Once he's gone, pick up the Piece of Heart and climb down the ladder on the right. After emerging, exit right. Collect the Ancient Wood.

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