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Head to the upper left of the room and use a Bomb to blow up the cracked block. Push the block two spaces above it to the left, then the block below down. Exit left to the next room. Never played Zelda before ? Then you don't know the special secret behind Pols Voices (those rabbit-like creatures). Sure, you can use Bombs against them, but it's far simpler to use your Harp of Ages against them.

That's right, just like the Ocarina in Link's Awakening could be used to defeat them, the same goes for the Harp of Ages. Whichever way you kill them, collect the Dungeon Map from the Chest that appears, then head back to the previous room.

Bomb the cracked block, then push the block on the right out of the way. Exit up. Kill the Mini Moldorms to open the door on the right. Go through that door. Break the Crystal in the room and beware the Iron Masks, who can only be struck from behind. Exit up. This will be the room you travel to the most, known to those at the GameFAQs Zelda boards as "The Wheel Room."

Just go inside the wheel, then exit right. Head to the right of the room where the Green Statues are. Bomb the cracked block. Stand by the green barrier and toss another Bomb to the left, which should break another cracked block. Head up and to the left, and push the block there down. Stand by the green barrier there and throw a Bomb down to break another cracked block. Head back down and push one of the blocks there up.

Slash the Crystal. Push the block next to the Crystal up. Push the Green Statue right twice, up twice, left once, and finally down. Collect the Key that drops down. Head left one screen, down once, and left once. Open the locked door in the Mini Moldorm room and go up. Fall down the pit. Beware the 2 Red Gels, 2 Blue Tektites, and 2 Orange Tektites. The Tektites in particular can be a pain. Head down one room. Kill the Mini Moldorm behind the green barrier, then go through the door that opens at the bottom of the room. Use Bombs or the Harp to kill the Pols Voices, then exit through the upper-left door.

Head up one screen Go up the stairs. Break the Crystal in the room, then go back down the stairs and back to room in which the Moldorm is behind the green barrier. Kill the Mini Moldorm by throwing Bombs at it, then exit through the lower-left door. Exit left. Time a Bomb throw so that the Bomb explodes when it's next to the Crystal Switch.

Turning the Crystal Switch red will bring the Armos Statue to life. Kill it with a Bomb (easier said than done). Collect the Compass from the Chest, then go up the stairs.

Head left one screen You'll see some blocks. Push the uppermost block up, then the blocks next to it to the left and right. Pick up the Small Key that appears. Head back right to the next room. Jump off the ledge. Head right one screen, and up twice to end up. In the Pit Room, head right one screen. You'll find yourself in the Wheel Room. Take a ride on the Wheel, then exit down and once again go back to the Pit Room.

Back in the Pit Room, head right again and ride the Wheel again. You should be able to exit up. Beware the Like Likes, who can steal your Shield if they swallow you. Exit to the right. Step on the switch and blow up the 4 Armos Statues (if you wish, place one near a statue and then step on the switch to get rid of one quickly). Collect the Small Key that falls down, then head back left. Open the locked door, then go through it.

Equip your Sword and Shield. Kill the Red Gels quickly, then stay in one place and lift your Shield or keep slashing to destroy the Flying Tiles. Once they're all gone, head through the left door. Beware the Spiny Beetles hiding under the bushes in the next few rooms. You can tell where they are because the floor beneath them is different than the floor beneath the other bushes.

Anyhow, head down one screen then up one screen (using the upper-left exit) back to B-3. If you'd like a Giant Blue Rupee worth 30, go up the steps and open the Chest. When you're finished, open the locked door and go through. Just exit to the left. Kill the 2 Mini Moldorms and 2 Arm-Mimics (who move in the opposite direction as you) to make a Chest appear. Collect your brand new Seed Shooter inside, then exit to the right.

Equip your Seed Shooter (w/ Ember Seeds) and use it to light up the lamp. Head down two screens, and (using the upper-right exits) then up one screen. Head right one screen from there and face the Flying Tiles once again. Head down one screen from there to end up. Equip your Seed Shooter. Go to the left of the room where the Crystal is.

Hold the button you assigned the Seed Shooter to, then use the Control Pad to angle your shot. Break the 4th and final Crystal in that way. Head down one screen. Open the Chest for a Gasha Seed. Head left to the Pit Room. Fall down the pit. Head right one screen into the new Wheel Room. Ride the Wheel, then go down. Defeat the Iron Masks, then go to the lower-right of the room.

Push the blocks there to the left. Equip your Seed Shooter (w/ Ember Seeds). Stand where the middle block was and angle your Seed Shooter to the upper-left and fire. Go up one space (to where the upper block was) and angle your Seed Shooter to the lower-left and fire once again. If that doesn't work, keep trying until both lamps are lit. Collect the Gasha Seed from the Chest.

Exit to the left. Head up, then back right to be in the Wheel Room once again. Take a spin and you should end up going up. Well, go up ! Ignore the Peahats and head up to the next room. Fight the Drill Mole (known as Subterror)

Wow, this is easy ! Equip your Shovel and Sword. When he digs down, use your Shovel to get him back up, then strike him with your sword. He will start moving faster after a few hits. 10 hits will do him in.

Exit to the left. Head up one screen. On the next screen, kill the Mini Moldorms, then push the lower-right block to the left. Pick up the Key that falls down.

Head down one screen, right once, and down twice to end up back in the Wheel Room. Take a ride and exit left. Exit up. Hit the Crystal Switch twice, then shoot straight into the red bouncer thingy with your Seed Shooter (any seed will do) to hit the switch. Cross the bridge. Hit the Crystal Switch twice, then shoot into the red bouncer to hit the switch again. Cross the bridge and collect the 20 Rupees in the Chest. And in case you're wondering, you can cut the plants down to resupply on Seeds (and sometimes other items).

Wait a few seconds and they'll regenerate. Once you're done, open the locked door and head up. Hit the Crystal Switch once, then shoot at the red bouncer and cross the bridge. Hit the Crystal Switch twice, then shoot at the red bouncer and cross the new bridge. Go up one screen. Push the block to the right, walk to the right, then exit down. Head right one screen, then down two screens.

Take a ride and you should end up going right. Step on the switch, then walk off. Step on it again and stay on it ! Equip your Seed Shooter (w/ any seed) and angle it to the upper-right. When the switch is hit, the door will open. Go through it. Collect the Boss Key and hop down.

Head left one screen, up once, left again, then up to end up. Open the Boss Door and enter. Be ready to fight the Shadow Hag (have lots of seeds with you).

This one can be a little tough. Equip your Roc's Feather and Seed Shooter. Jump over the shadows, then, when she recombines, be ready. She'll release butterflies, which you can just ignore. She'll appear behind you, but don't turn around ! Instead, shoot the Seed Shooter (and seed) into the wall. The seeds will bounce off and hit her ! Do this 6 times in all.

When you're done, head left. Collect the Echoing Howl.

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