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Head up to the next room. Beware the 2 Red Gels and the Flame Keese in the room. Exit to the left. Kill the 2 Stalfos and 1 Shrouded Stalfos to open the door on the left. Go through it once it's open. Exit left. Jump over the lava pit (be careful of the 2 Shrouded Stalfos) and exit up. Be careful of the 2 Flame Keese and the Spark. Follow the path to the lower-left exit. Push one of the blocks down and open the Chest for a Compass.

Continue to the bottom exit. Kill the 2 Stalfos and 1 Red Gel. Jump over the lava. Push the Cube down four times, right, up, left, down, and left twice. Open the Chest that appears for a Small Key. Exit to the upper right. Jump off the ledge, then head right three rooms. Jump to the right, then jump down. Walk right across the platform, then jump up.

Jump to the right, walk up a little, then jump to the left twice. Head left and push the block left. Jump up, then push the block on your right to the right. Go up and open the door. There are 4 Stalfos and 1 Spark in this room. Hurry your way to the right exit. Hit the switch and hop into the Minecart. When the Minecart stops, jump to the left and open the Chest to get the Map.

Go back onto the Minecart. After it returns you to the previous room, hit the switch again and hop back onto the Minecart. After the Minecart enters the next room, face left and hit the switch. The Minecart will continue going down... Kill the Mini-Moldorm with some Bombs if you wish. After you do that, equip your Seed Shooter and angle your shot so that it'll hit the Crystal Switch.

A Chest will appear with a Small Key inside. Hop back on the Minecart. Kill the Shrouded Stalfos in the room and open the door on the upper-right of the room. Exit right. Walk to the right to trigger the Blade Traps, then immediately head back left. While the Blade Traps are resetting, hop over the lava and kill the Shrouded Stalfos. Go to the exit at the upper-right of the room.

Equip your Power Bracelet and pull the lever as far back as you can. A floor will slowly appear over the lava. Let go of the lever and head as fast as you can to the left, then up. Exit up. Defeat the 4 Stalfos in the room to open the door on the left. Go through. I find it best to use the Seed Shooter to get rid of the Hardhat Beetles in the room. Jump over the lava and exit up.

Jump over the tiles so that they match the colored blocks on the right of the room. Go through the door that opens. Trigger the Blade Traps, then quickly retreat. As they reset, hurry to the left and kill the Shrouded Stalfos. Head right and trigger the Blade Traps again. Quickly hurry to the space above the Cube and push the Cube down twice.

Push the Cube left (be quick or the floor will collapse below you) 5 times, and finally, down twice. Hop on the Minecart. After the Minecart stops, kill the 4 Snake Ropes that drop down, then head right to the next room. Try to kill the Keese so they won't bother you. Hit the Crystal Switch with the Seed Shooter (you don't necessarily have to go onto the moving platform) and open the Chest for a Small Key.

Head left two rooms (don't jump on the Minecart !). Kill the Stalfos and Keese, then unlock the block. Jump over the tile until it's Blue, then return to the room on the right and hop onto the Minecart. When the Minecart enters the room with the 3 Stalfos, equip your Seed Shooter and kill them. This will open the door on the left, which you should go through. Hop across the moving platforms and exit down.

Do yourself a favor and kill the Peahats before you attempt the puzzle. Jump over the tiles until they match the colors of the blocks above them. Collect the Small Key. Exit up. Unlock the block, then hop onto the Minecart. After the Minecart stops, kill the Gibdos and exit to the left. A moderately hard mini-boss, the Armos Warrior may take a bit of practice.

Hmm, the Armos Warrior has slimmed down since his last appearance, eh ? The Armos Warrior will release his sword then start pacing around the room. Follow the Armos Warrior, doing your best to make his sword hit him. 3 hits from his own sword will break his shield, allowing you to attack him directly with your Sword. Wait in one place for a second, then move out of the way to make him pass you. Follow him and hit him after he hits the wall. Repeat. 5 hits from Link's Sword will defeat the Armos Warrior.

After the Armos Warrior is beaten, head down to the bottom exit. Kill the Stalfos, head up the stairs, avoid the Mini-Moldorm, and head down one screen. Head right, cross the bridge, and continue to the next room. Bomb the cracked wall and go through. It's your first Floor Tile Puzzle. Your goal is to make ALL the tiles Yellow.

I'll be using abbreviated directions. L, U, R3, D, R5, U2, L2, D, L2, U, R, U, R2, U, R, U2, L5, D, R3, D, L5, U2, L, D4, R2, U, R. Open the Chest for the Switch Hook (a horrid variation of the Hookshot, in my opinion).

Exit to the left. Use the Switch Hook on the Diamond and you'll switch places with it. Go up one room, then right one. Go up the steps and exit up. Use the Switch Hook on the Diamond on the right, then go down one screen and right one. Lay some Scent Seeds near the bottom of the screen so the Shrouded Stalfos won't pose a problem later. Use your Switch Hook on the Diamond.

When you're on the other side of the lava, kill the enemies, then step on the switch. While you're on the switch, use the Switch Hook on the Diamond on the right. This will keep the switch pressed down so you can go through the door at the bottom. Head right two rooms, up two, and left once. Go down the stairs. Head up one room.

Kill the Snake Ropes in the room, then switch with the Diamond from the bottom side. Switch with the Pot on the right, then keep switching with the Diamond until you get it on the switch. Exit below. Head left one room. Keep switching with the Pots until you reach the lower exit. Hop over the tile to make the Mini-Gels visible, then kill them to open the door on the left. Exit through that door. Kill the Peahats and hop over the lava. Run to the left or jump to avoid the Blade Traps, then exit to the left. It's a good idea to kill the Mini-Moldorms first, then re-enter the room to reset the puzzle.

To solve the Floor Tile Puzzle, follow these directions : L, D, R, D3, L2, U5, R2, U, L, U, R, U, L2, D, L, U, L9, D2, R, D3, L, D3, R, U2, R, D2, R7, U2, L2, D, L, U, L, D, L, U, L, U, L, U3, R, U, R, D, R2, U, R2, D, R, D, L6, D, R, D, R, U, R4, D, L2. Open the Chest for a Small Key then exit up. Carefully jump across the moving platforms until you reach the staircase at the upper-left of the room.

Be careful of the Hardhat Beetle in the way, then go up the stairs. Jump on the moving platforms on the next two screens and switch with the Pots until you reach the upper-left ladder. Go up. Unlock the block and head left to the next room. Switch with the Diamonds and exit to the left. Head to the bottom of the room and pull the lever back as far as you can.

Hurry across the floor to the upper-left exit. Again, pull the lever in this room as far as you can. Get up to at least the first Pot and lift it up. Now just switch with the Pots until you reach the last one (don't worry about the floor disappearing). Do a diagonal jump to the upper-left and exit up. This room can be a pain if you don't plan things out. Head up the steps then jump to the right.

Lift the Pot below you, then push the other Pot to the right. Switch with the Pot on the upper-right, then push the Pot there up. Switch with the Pot at the upper-left part of the room, then push the Pot that was next to it to the left until it's on the switch. Switch with the Pot on your right and open the Chest for the Boss Key.

Backtrack to the room with the Boos Door. Open the Boss Door Face Eyesoar.

Equip your Switch Hook and Sword. Use your Sword (or Switch Hook) to defeat the 4 Mini-Patras surrounding the big one Once the coast is clear, use the Switch Hook on the giant Patra, then slash it with your Sword. 10 hits will kill this easy boss.

Once you poke out the eyes, exit up. Collect the Burning Flame.

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