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This is it, you're almost there ! However, the Tower's Top will test your patience and mind. Again, there's no dungeon map, so I won't be providing maps. Forgive me for the incredibly crude ASCII maps, but it's the best I could do. The x's represent walls, the @'s represent Lamps, the letters represent stairs and the # represents your goal.

E         x I x L     x O
x x     x x   x x x   x  
D     x G       K x   x  
x x x x x x x x x x   x  
C     x F       J x   x N
x x   x     x         x x
B x   x x x H x x x x x x
A           *           M

E     x   x I x L       O
x x   x   x   x x x   x x
D x   x G x   x K     x x
  x   x x @   @ x x x x x
C x     F x # x J   x   N
x x x   x @ x @ x   x    
B       x   H   x        
x x x x x       x x x x x
A                       M

Follow the stairs in this order: C, D, E, F, L, K, I, #. On a side note, don't bother killing the Darknuts or Wizzrobes. They'll only return once you go up or down stairs. Since the space is limited, use the Switch Hook on the Darknuts to prevent them from hurting you.

Another puzzle, woohoo. Wait for the Flames to move before you move. I would provide an ASCII map, but it's not necessary. Just go up the stairs on the bottom row, next to last column.

You'll end up on a platform above some Lynels. Break the Pots for Fairies and Seeds, then head up the stairs.

Head down the steps to the next room. In the next room, head left or right, then up, then right or left (depending on which direction you went first). Head up through the doorway.

You'll find Ralph confronting Ambi, but Ralph doesn't have the power of Time with him ! Ambi will make quick work of Ralph, and disappear. Speak with Ralph, prepare yourself, and head up to face Ambi.

This is Technically Veran's first form, and is very similar to Veran (Nayru). The only difference is she'll warp around a lot more and use different attacks. Once again, use Mystery Seeds on Ambi to make her sleep, then use the Switch Hook on the Shadow. Now you can slash at Veran. 3 hits is all it takes.

This is Veran's Fairy form, which is generally considered her toughest. There's not much to say other than keep using your Sword. You can also use your Seed Shooter against her, which might be best while she's flying fast. Also, make sure to defeat the Dark Links so they won't cause trouble. It's hard to hit her without getting hit by her attacks, so make sure you have Magic Potion. 20 hits with the Sword will clip her wings. 20 hits with the Seed Shooter will also do the job.

After defeating Veran, Nayru and Ralph will rush in. It seems like it's finally over, and the three leave the Tower... But wait ! The Tower begins to rumble, and a Wall Master comes down and captures link. Strangely enough, Nayru and Ralph do nothing to help. Veran appears and tells you to fear her. The she transforms into a monstrous..... turtle ?!

Veran (Turtle) : Pretty simple. Just stand in one place and move as she comes down. Repeat until she shows her head, then use your Sword to hit her. This is her most common form. Roughly 50 hits total on all of her forms will kill her.

Veran (Spider) : You'll have to use Bombs on her. After the Bomb explodes, hit her ! Roughly 50 hits total on all of her forms will kill her.

Veran (Bee) : Just use your Sword (or Seed Shooter) on her. Take a while to figure out her pattern and where you can stand to stay safe. Roughly 50 hits total on all of her forms will kill her.

After Veran is defeated, Link is able to escape from the Tower of Darkness. Enjoy the ending !


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